Top 10: Customer Success platforms

Updated: July 31, 2023

Customer Success platforms are specialized software solutions designed to help businesses proactively manage and enhance the customer experience throughout their entire journey with the company. These platforms centralize customer data, allowing teams to gain a comprehensive view of each customer's interactions, preferences, and needs. By leveraging customer success platforms, businesses can identify at-risk customers, track product adoption, and deliver personalized and proactive support, ultimately driving customer retention and loyalty. These platforms often include features like customer health scoring, automated communication, and customer success analytics, empowering teams to take data-driven actions to improve customer satisfaction and achieve business objectives. With the focus on customer success becoming increasingly vital for businesses in today's competitive landscape, customer success platforms play a critical role in nurturing strong customer relationships and driving long-term success. Some of the most popular customer success platforms are listed below.

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2020. Vista Equity Partners acquires customer success platform Gainsight for $1.1B

Vista Equity Partners has expanded its extensive portfolio by adding another enterprise software vendor, Gainsight, to its roster. Gainsight joins other notable vendors under the Vista umbrella, including Pipedrive, Marketo, Acquia, and Ping Identity. Gainsight specializes in providing software solutions that assist clients in achieving customer success. This entails creating a positive and satisfying customer experience during interactions with their brand, ultimately increasing the likelihood of customer retention and advocacy. Gainsight's recent funding round resulted in an impressive amount of over $187 million.

2020. Customer success platform Catalyst raises $25M

Data-driven customer success platform Catalyst has secured $25 million in Series B funding. The company aims to unify all data sources and team members involved in customer interactions, ranging from designers and engineers to customer success managers. This consolidation is achieved through a centralized dashboard, providing accurate and real-time access to comprehensive customer information. Catalyst envisions expanding beyond its existing B2B customer base, with a particular focus on the healthcare sector, where it has already received inbound interest. The company is actively exploring the necessary measures to achieve HIPAA compliance for its platform and intends to venture into additional sectors in the future, leveraging the capital obtained through its Series B funding round.

2019. Customer success platform Catalyst raised $15M

Catalyst, the company dedicated to consolidating disparate data sources on customers into a user-friendly tool, has announced a successful $15 million Series A funding round. Currently employing 19 individuals, Catalyst aims to expand its workforce to 40 employees by the end of the year. A standout feature of Catalyst's product is its "health score," which predicts the likelihood of customer growth or churn based on comprehensive data analysis. The company has prioritized streamlining the integration process for new customers, enabling them to be onboarded within minutes. Additionally, customers can utilize Catalyst's formula builder to customize their health score according to the specific nuances of their target audience.

2019. Freshworks acquired customer success service Natero

Customer engagement service provider Freshworks, the creator of Freshdesk, has recently acquired Natero, a customer success service incorporating AI/ML capabilities to assist businesses in reducing churn and effectively managing their customers. This acquisition plays a significant role in Freshworks' mission to offer users a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of their customers. Initially focused on customer support, Freshdesk gradually expanded its functionality to cater to marketers and other roles. However, businesses now seek a complete view of their customers and the ability to provide personalized service to their most valuable clients. In this regard, the acquisition of Natero serves as a crucial step in fulfilling these requirements, effectively closing the loop for Freshworks.

2016. Vista Equity Partners acquired marketing platform Marketo

San Francisco-based Vista Equity Partners has entered into an agreement to acquire the online marketing platform Marketo for a sum of $1.79 billion. This strategic acquisition will enable Marketo to maintain its unwavering commitment to customer success and retain its position as a leading independent player in the market. Marketo will continue to spearhead product innovation and thought leadership within the digital marketing industry, setting the agenda for the future. Furthermore, this partnership will empower Marketo to fulfill its ambitious vision of providing an ultra-scalable enterprise platform for customer engagement, catering to the needs of tomorrow's marketers and the C-suite.

2014. Customer success service Gainsight raised $25 million

Service Gainsight, aimed at enhancing the performance of account managers, has secured $25 million in fresh funding. The funding comes from the belief that as account managers play a more integral role in businesses, Gainsight's technology will also gain prominence in supporting their endeavors. Gainsight's software examines various aspects of account managers' interactions with customers and generates reports based on these interactions. Leveraging this assessment, the company provides predictive solutions and automates certain aspects of the account management relationship. Presently, the service boasts approximately 100 customers utilizing its offerings.