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2020. Yelp adds new features for reopening businesses

Over the past few months, Yelp has been taking steps to help businesses reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic — things like waived fees, virtual service listings and GoFundMe fundraisers. But without getting into the question of whether the United States is reopening at the right time in the right way, it’s clear that the reopening is happening, and businesses are going to need new tools to safely navigate the changing landscape. So Yelp is announcing two of those tools today. In addition, Yelp says it will use a combination of human moderation and machine learning to update these sections with information that businesses have posted elsewhere, like whether they offer curbside pickup or virtual services.

2020. Foursquare merges with Factual

Foursquare, the location platform, has announced its plan to merge with Factual. Foursquare is not the same company it was when it launched in 2009. The location-based social network, which let people check in to locations to share with their friends and earn badges, has evolved over time into an advertising and marketing platform focused on location as a differentiator. Factual, for its part, also launched in 2009 as a repository for open data, but over time it has become increasingly focused on using its location data to improve advertising. The company offered brands the ability to track the success of their marketing campaigns, measuring whether a campaign actually got people to visit stores physically — so you can see why it might be a good fit with Foursquare.

2016. Foursquare will allow businesses to know if their ads bring customers into actual store

Foursquare announced a new product that should help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. With Attribution Powered by Foursquare, the company is making its data available to advertisers even if they don’t run campaigns in the Foursquare or Swarm apps. Naturally, that data is focused on location — that may be Foursquare’s big selling point compared to Facebook and Twitter, which have also been working to expand their ad capabilities beyond their own properties.

2014. Yelp allows not only choose the hotel, but to book it too

Review site Yelp integrated with travel booking site Hipmunk to allow users to book hotels through Yelp's website and mobile apps. It follows partnerships announced earlier this year, with companies including OpenTable and, which keep users on Yelp to make transactions. Users who search for supported hotels on Yelp will see "Book a room" button on the hotel page. They will be taken to a booking page if they decide to book. Adding booking makes Yelp more competitive with TripAdvisor, which allows booking through its website on Expedia, and