Customer Onboarding software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Customer onboarding software is a valuable solution that facilitates a seamless and efficient process for welcoming and guiding new customers as they begin their journey with a product or service. These specialized platforms offer a range of tools to streamline the onboarding process, from collecting customer information and setting up accounts to providing training and support resources. Customer onboarding software often includes features like personalized onboarding journeys, automated email communication, and progress tracking, allowing businesses to deliver a tailored and consistent onboarding experience. With data analytics and reporting capabilities, these platforms enable organizations to measure the success of their onboarding efforts and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging customer onboarding software, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce time-to-value, and foster long-lasting customer relationships, ultimately driving customer retention and loyalty.

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2022. Stonly, a customer onboarding platform, raises $22M

France-based customer onboarding platform Stonly has successfully secured a Series A investment totaling $22 million. Stonly revolutionizes the intersection between product guidance and customer support, empowering companies to customize content for various use cases and deliver it in a contextual manner. This approach enables the resolution of customer issues while providing precise guidance at the appropriate location. Notable players in this arena include ScreenSteps, Scribe, Poka, Dozuki, and other industry competitors. Stonly's funding round will further strengthen its position in the market as it continues to innovate and enhance the customer onboarding experience for businesses.

2021. Arrows raises $2.75M to build out its customer onboarding software

Arrows, a startup dedicated to developing software that assists software companies in streamlining customer onboarding, has successfully secured a funding round of $2.75 million. One of the greatest challenges in the onboarding process is aligning everyone involved. Arrows addresses this issue by facilitating "mutual buy-in" from customers, fostering trust throughout the onboarding journey. Additionally, the platform utilizes due dates and automated email reminders to ensure customers are aware of their next tasks. Arrows serves as a collaborative space for teams to strategize, coordinate, and work together seamlessly. Simplifying the personalization of customer onboarding, Arrows provides customizable templates to ensure no important steps are overlooked by your team.