Customer Feedback software

Updated: July 26, 2020

2020. Chattermill raises $8M to enable companies to gain customer feedback insights

Chattermill, the London startup that offers what it calls a “customer understanding” platform that uses machine learning to gain scalable insights into customer feedback, has raised $8 million in Series A funding. Chattermill was born out of a frustration that it can take weeks or months for customer research to yield any quality insights, which would then be out of date by the time it reached decision makers and action could be taken. Like many problems of scale, the developers believed machine learning could be an important part of the solution, coupled with an accessible user interface that surfaces customer feedback across multiple channels in an actionable way.

2015. Sprinklr acquired social customer support service Get Satisfaction

Sprinklr, the social media management provider, is buying Get Satisfaction, makers of a platform that lets businesses connect with customers online and get feedback on their sites. Get Satisfaction will be integrated into Sprinklr’s bigger cloud-based social media management business — dubbed “Experience Cloud” — which helps businesses track individuals wherever they are leaving feedback about a business, be it on social media sites or directly on their own websites, covering about 25 different potential feedback channels in all. But it is also a bolt-on acquisition of sorts: today Get Satisfaction already works with 1,000 businesses, Sprinklr says, with customers including P&G, Rabobank, SugarCRM and Service Rocket.

2015. Google to shut down community tool Google Moderator

Google's spring cleaning begins. Google will shut down it's idea and feedback collection service Google Moderator on July 31. Launched in September 2008, Google Moderator ranked user-submitted questions, suggestions, and ideas. The crowdsourcing service managed feedback from a large number of people by letting them not just ask their own question but vote for the top questions that they think should be posed. Moderator users - and there shouldn’t be all that many given how dormant the project has been - will be able to download their data from Google Takeout starting on March 30. This data will be available for at least two years. The last day to create new content on the service is June 30, and Moderator will shut down completely on July 31.

2014. SurveyMonkey invested in mobile feedback service Apptentive

Online survey service SurveyMonkey led the Series A funding of Apptentive, a company offering in-app feedback tools that allow developers to engage an app’s users, communicate directly, request reviews and more. Looks like SurveyMonkey will now partner with Apptentive in order to provide “technical and product interactions” for mobile customers. Apptentive competes with a host solutions on the market, including those from Appsfire, Appboy, Helpshift, Mixpanel, Localytics, and more. One of Apptentive’s differentiating features it a proprietary measurement it calls “Love Score” which allows app developers to see how well their own app is loved, as compared with the rest of the app ecosystem. Love Score reports offer a variety of customer insights, including how popular an app is versus others, analysis of app store reviews, reviewer quality and bias, and more.

2012. Zoho Commentbox - almost new customer support community app

We still remember the time when Zoho launched one new SaaS app per month. But, of course, it could not last forever. Having reached almost 30 apps, Zoho recently is only updating them from time to time. But the desire to create something new hasn't gone. That's why Zoho developers decided to take an old service, add some features, rename it and release as a new one. They added Twitter, Email and CRM integration to Zoho Discussions, renamed it to Zoho Commentbox and voila - the new app is ready! Even the prices and descriptions haven't changed. Moreover, the old service - Zoho Discussions - still exists (so Zoho has more apps). Recall, Zoho Discussions (or Zoho Commentbox) allows to create an online customer community for support and ideas collection. Previously, these communities were created on phpbb or vBulletin forum engines, and now on such specialized services. The most famous representative of this class - is Get Satisfaction. By the way, Zoho offers data import from phpbb and vBulletin forums to Zoho Commentbox. It supports multiple interface languages and is free for 1 forum without sub-forums.

2011. UserVoice turns customer support into the Game

The average customer service worker hardly gets pleasure of his work. These stupid customers with their stupid questions or too nervous customers can make anyone crazy. Knowing this, the developers of helpdesk-service UserVoice used the game mechanics to make work of the support staff more interesting and their customers - more happy. In UserVoice support specialists play against each other earning points. For each response support person gets bonus, and if he responded quickly (within one hour) - points are tripled. And if the customer is satisfied with the answer, he may give the support rep the kudos that costs a lot of points. Boss may give an award to the support champion every week. Or may not, because this game is interesting itself. It should be noted that except for this game mechanics, UserVoice is worthy of many kind words for the easy-of-use and functionality. In particular, it allows to easily embed on site (or Facebook-page) the customer feedback form. It can create tickets out customer emails and support reps can respond by email too. But it's more convenient to reply from the service interface - because you can use canned responses and communicate with colleagues to resolve problems collaboratively.