Customer engagement software

Updated: January 09, 2022

2022. Exotel raises $40M for its full-stack customer engagement platform

Exotel, a start that offers its clients a full-stack platform with offerings such as contact center, APIs, voice and chat bots, to engage with their customers through touch points such as web chat, co-browsing and videos, has raised $40 million in a financing round. Exotel's customer engagement involves bringing together disconnected channels, bots, applications with siloed customer data across teams. The startup operates in a space that has attracted the attention of several major giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Twilio, Salesforce and Zoom in recent years as organizations scramble to build or acquire tools to create one-store service centers.

2021. Online proposal platform Practice Ignition lands $50M to scale globally

Practice ignition, an Australia-based client engagement and commerce platform for professional service businesses, has raised $50M Series C. Practice Ignition is on an ambitious path to reshape the professional services industry that does business with its customers through its all-in-one client engagement and commerce solution. Its platform integrates digital proposals, payments and automated workflows via leading business apps such as Gusto, Xero, QuickBooks and Zapier to streamline service-based commerce.

2021. Customer engagement platform Batch raises $23M

Batch, a customer engagement platform that has been operating under the radar for many years, has raised $23M. Batch is a customer engagement platform that competes with Braze as well as big enterprise solutions from Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. If you run a newspaper app, a banking app or an e-commerce app, you might need to send push notifications to your customers. Batch lets you manage those notifications at scale. You don’t have to make sure that your servers can handle a jump in traffic, you don’t have to maintain your push notification service. From that idea, Batch has expanded beyond that to become an interesting martech platform. It integrates with your existing data sources, such as your CRM, CDP and analytics products. This way, you can create segments, orchestrate notifications, retarget your clients and more.

2021. Countable brings in $12M for virtual brand communities

Enterprise engagement company Countable raised $12 million in Series A funding so that brands can more easily engage with customers, even in a way that shows a brand’s values and stance on issues. Here’s how it works: The company works with brands to establish the look of their site, including goals, timelines and feedback processes. After the site launches, brands can manage their audience of employees, consumers and partners. It can promote action items beyond a “like” button and leverage Countable’s “Causes” network of more than 190 million people. The company then provides analytics to the brand on how the community is growing and insights on driving revenue, retention and innovation. On the community side, members can engage with the brand, even record video testimonials and attend events around the cause.

2021. Play2Pay raises $13M to convert mobile user engagement into bill payment

Play2Pay, a startup attempting to combine gamification and payments in creative way, has raised $13 million in a Series A. Play2Pay was started based on a vision that prepaid mobile phone users should have an alternative way to pay for their mobile phone service and that wireless carriers would adopt an ad-funded commercial model. Now the company claims to be positioned to be the world’s first “ad supported payment rail” directly integrated into payments platforms of major service providers and financial institutions. It also claims to be the only company that converts user engagement directly into bill payment.

2021. DealHub raises $20M for its sales platform, a platform that helps businesses manage the entire process of their sales engagements, has raised a $20 million Series B funding round. The company describes itself as a ‘revenue amplification’ platform (or ‘RevAmp,’ as DealHub likes to call it) that represents the next generation of existing sales and revenue operations tools. It’s meant to give businesses a more complete view of buyers and their intent, and streamline the sales processes from proposal to pricing quotes, subscription management and (electronic) signatures. The platform integrates with virtually all of the standard CRM tools, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Freshworks, as well as e-signature platforms like DocuSign.

2021. Charles raises €6.4M to bring ‘conversational commerce’ to WhatsApp

Charles, a Berlin-based startup that offers a “conversational-commerce” SaaS for businesses that want to sell on WhatsApp and other chat apps, has raised €6.4 million in funding. Charles enables businesses to sell products and services via WhatsApp and other chat apps in order to “increase conversion rate, customer loyalty and ultimately revenue. The SaaS connects chat app APIs, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, with shop and CRM systems, like Shopify, SAP and HubSpot, all delivered through a user-friendly interface. The idea is to make it easier for businesses to meet their customers on the channels they already use and to bridge the gap between sales enquiries and support, and actual conversions.

2021. SalesLoft raises $100M for its AI-based sales platform

SalesLoft, a sales platform that provides AI-based tools to help salespeople run their sales process virtually — from finding and following up on leads, through to helping them sell with virtual coaching tools, and then assisting in the post-sales process — has closed $100 million in funding. The company originally was focused on the mid-market, but that has changed with more larger enterprises also coming on board. Google, LinkedIn (which backs SalesLoft and is in a strategic partnership with it), Cisco, Dell and IBM are all customers. The company competes against a plethora of others, including Clari,, Gong, Conversica, Afiniti and Outreach, as well as biggies like Salesforce.

2020. GetAccept raises $20M to expand its sales platform for SMBs

All-in-one digital sales platform GetAccept, which wraps in video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking and e-signatures, has now raised $20 million in Series B funding. GetAccept integrates into a company’s sales pipeline through technology partnerships with CRM and sales automation platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and others. It’s pitched as an all-in-one sales platform that competes with several separate tools, including well-financed solutions like DocSend, PandaDoc, Showpad, Highspot, DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Their “sales pitch’ is that companies can do all of the things in those products, but the single GetAccept platform is actually geared toward to sales reps and includes the important features that help sales reps to actually move deals forward.

2020. iKala, an AI-based customer engagement platform, raises $17M

Taiwanese startup iKala, which offers an artificial intelligence-based customer acquisition and engagement platform, will expand into new Southeast Asian markets after raising a $17 million Series B. IKala’s products are targeted toward e-commerce companies, and include KOL Radar, for influencer marketing, and Shoplus, a social commerce service focused on Southeast Asian markets. iKala implements a state-of-the-art DAA flywheel (Digitalization, Analytics, and Application flywheel) framework to provide a clear roadmap and strategy for AI adoption.

2020. Outreach nabs $50M for software that helps with sales engagement

Outreach, which has built a popular suite of tools used by salespeople to help identify and reach out to prospects and improve their relationships en route to closing deals, has raised $50 million in a Series F. The platform today essentially integrates with a company’s existing CRM, be it Salesforce, or Microsoft’s, or Kustomer, or something else — and provides an SaaS-based set of tools for helping to source and track meetings, have to-hand information on sales targets, and a communications manager that helps with outreach calls and other communication in real time.

2020. MoEngage lands $25M for its mobile-first customer engagement platform

MoEngage, a startup that helps firms better understand their customers and improve their engagement, has raised $25 million. MoEngage offers a product that allows clients to gain deeper insights into the way their customers or users are engaging with their apps and websites. These insights, all displayed on one dashboard, could be very useful for firms to retain their existing customers or find optimized ways to attempt to sell more to them. MoEngage, which competes with a handful of startups including India-based Clevertap, will infuse the fresh capital to find more customers in North America and Europe

2020. Dixa, a customer engagement platform, picks up $36M

Dixa, the customer engagement platform, has closed a $36 million Series B. Dixa wants to end bad customer service with the help of technology that claims to be able to facilitate more personalised customer support. Dubbed a “customer friendship” platform, the Dixa cloud-based software works across multiple channels — including phone, chat, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS — and employs a smart routing system so the right support requests reach the right people within an organisation. More broadly, the platform competes with Zendesk, Freshdesk and Salesforce Servicecloud.

2019. Freshworks launches a load balancer for handling customer inquiries

Customer engagement software vendor Freshworks launched Omniroute - the tool for customer service agents. Omniroute is essentially a load-balancer for routing multi-channel customer inquiries. Freshworks argues that earlier customer support solutions made it hard for agents to switch between inquiry types and for managers to efficiently route traffic. The promise of Omniroute is that it can automatically route a query to the right agent who has the bandwidth to handle it, based on what it knows about that agent’s skills and the nature of the inquiry. And if you regularly want to hang up your phone when an agent asks you for your order number right after you typed it into the system, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Omniroute will surface this information right on the agent’s screen.

2017. LogMeIn launches livechat software Bold360

LogMeIn, the company, best known for its collaboration and meeting tools, is targeting the "white space" in the customer service and engagement market with a suite called Bold360 to manage multiple channels, chat, and video. Bold360 aims to provide one view of all customer touch points as well a unified interface that can handle chat, text, and video. Automation technology will enable customer self service support and free up agent workflows. The wild card is whether LogMeIn can crack a crowded market and carve out a customer engagement niche to complement systems already in the field. Bold360 has no code integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk so agents can pull customer data into one interface.

2016. Liferay launched Digital Experience Platform

Open source enterprise CMS provider Liferay launched Digital Experience Platform (DXP) - the solution is designed to help companies create and manage experiences that support the end-to-end customer relationship. It offers a comprehensive view of customers that extends beyond marketing by bringing together sales, marketing, support and service teams, design highly personalized experiences by targeting useful information, offers and resources to user segments and individuals, create a single customer profile aggregated from all of the customer’s interactions with the company as well as important data points, access to engagement data such as video content views, click-throughs on targeted content, community activity and social metadata.

2015. Customer engagement chat iAdvize grabs $16 Million

iAdvize, the company focused on making your online customer service experience suck less, just raised $16 million. iAdvize automatically detects visitors who need help and alerts your team members. Then, customer support representatives can contact their website visitors. 2,000 companies are using the product. With iAdvize, you can also add click to chat, click to call and other buttons to your website. Going forward, the company will fine tune its platform. iAdvize will be able to monitor what customers are doing on the web, mobile and on social networks. The startup is currently implementing Twitter and Facebook support. Expect some big product news in early 2016 as well. iAdvize competes with LivePerson. The American competitor claims to have 18,000 clients. So iAdvize still seems to be smaller than LivePerson and LiveZilla.

2015. Hootsuite now works with Instagram

Social media management platform Hootsuite now works with Instagram. That means that you can now schedule posts, publish pictures, monitor your feed, and engage with your Instagram audience right within the Hootsuite dashboard—just like the rest of your social networks. You can now publish posts to Instagram immediately or schedule them to publish at a later time, easily manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place, grow your Instagram community by engaging your audience right within the dashboard, get more done by securely sharing access to Instagram with team members, keep an eye on the competition and find opportunities for engagement by creating search streams that follow specific users, hashtags, and keywords.

2015. Zoho launched social media management service Zoho Social

Zoho has launched a new tool - social media marketing product called Zoho Social. Zoho Social has a real-time monitoring dashboard that allows to listen to what’s being said about your brand or a keyword you wish to track; and respond when you need to. There are instant notifications to make sure you do not miss any relevant conversation and can react faster. It also helps with pre-publishing insights based on the engagement in previous posts and activity of your audience, shows the percentage of your audience that’s likely to see your post now, suggests next best time to post and lets you schedule a post to go out. And Reports section allows to take a glance at social-network-specific stats or dive deep into the analytics to understand more about your audience and how they engage with your content. That’s not all; you can also create customized reports that focus on the numbers that matter most to your business.