Crowdsourced Customer Data platforms

2021. Lusha, a crowdsourced data platform for B2B sales, gets $205M

For many sales and marketing teams, finding leads is a time-consuming and tedious process. Lusha, a sales intelligence platform for B2B sales, is helping with a crowdsourced database that helps companies narrow down their lists of potential customers to the most likely candidates. The company has raised $205 million Series B. Lusha says its user community, which contributes data like company information and business contact details, now includes more than 800,000 sales professionals and 273,000 sales organizations, including large tech firms like Facebook, Google, Dropbox and Uber. Most of Lusha’s clients are B2B SaaS companies, but it’s also used by venture capital firms, investors and recruiting agencies.

2021. Groopit raises $2M to help execs access crowd-sourced company data

Groopit, a startup that wants to help companies crowdsource data from information supplied by employees working in the field, has raised a $2 million pre-seed round. For example, a company that sells nut products in retail stores across the country. As sales people go into stores to check supplies, they can take a photo of the display, note the location inside the store and rate how the merchandise is being presented, all from an app on their phones. They can even capture competitor product data including SKUs that appear to be selling faster than the company’s product. All of this gives executives quick access to data, which they can then share in other tools like a CRM or a collaboration tool. It also has the added benefit of saving time in meetings because salespeople no longer have to give status reports. The product can be customized in a variety of ways to work for an individual business to gather the specific kinds of data it needs — and it works across mobile and Web.