Corporate Wellness software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Corporate Wellness software is a specialized solution designed to promote and support employee well-being within organizations. This software offers a range of tools and resources to encourage healthy habits, physical fitness, and mental well-being among employees. It may include features such as fitness tracking, nutrition planning, stress management programs, mindfulness exercises, and health assessments. Corporate Wellness software often integrates with wearable devices and fitness apps, allowing employees to monitor their progress and set personal wellness goals. Employers can use the software to create wellness challenges, reward participation, and track the overall impact on employee health and productivity. By investing in Corporate Wellness software, organizations can foster a healthier and happier workforce, reduce absenteeism, improve employee morale, and enhance overall organizational performance.

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2020. HealthJoy launches its revamped employee benefits assistance platform

HealthJoy, a platform dedicated to maximizing employee benefit utilization, has unveiled its redesigned user interface and technology stack. The updated interface incorporates several new features, including estimated wait times for services like the inbox and healthcare concierge, as well as an enhanced benefits wallet. In response to the ongoing pandemic, HealthJoy has also introduced additional functionalities to assist users, such as facilitating testing, providing online consultations, and offering a guide to nearby in-network healthcare facilities with shorter wait times. Since its launch in 2014, HealthJoy has successfully onboarded over 500 employers onto its platform. To date, the company has raised a total of $53 million in funding.

2020. Created to help employees figure out health benefits, HealthJoy raises $30 million

HealthJoy, a platform aimed at enhancing the utilization of healthcare benefits for employees, has successfully raised $30 million in Series C funding. The company streamlines the access to healthcare services by integrating with healthcare providers and collaborating with benefit consultant agencies. HealthJoy offers a range of features, including an AI-powered virtual assistant and healthcare concierges, to simplify the process of discovering and utilizing benefits. With a monthly login rate of 33%, HealthJoy has garnered a client base of 500 employers who have witnessed a significant tenfold increase in employee engagement with benefits, including telemedicine services.

2014. Salesforce integrates with wearables

Salesforce envisions a future where wearables, such as smart glasses, bracelets, and watches, will revolutionize various aspects of business operations, spanning from office work to manufacturing. To support this vision, they have introduced Salesforce Wear, a collection of tools for developers to seamlessly integrate wearable applications with business applications on the Salesforce platform. For instance, they propose the creation of warehouse management apps for Google Glass, access control and time-tracking apps for Android Wear, and notification apps for Samsung Gear, among others. Moreover, fitness bracelets like Fitbit and Myo receive significant attention as Salesforce acknowledges the importance of addressing sedentary behavior in the workplace, considering it akin to the health risks of smoking. Consequently, they advocate for corporate-level management of employees' physical activity using fitness bracelets for companies that prioritize the well-being of their workforce.

2011. WOW! Enterprise Health management platforms

Good companies should take care of their employees, intend to make them happier. And IT systems should help them. That's why we like the talent management systems that help to develop employee talents. We like enterprise social networks that help to make friends with colleagues. We like Gamification that makes work more interesting. We like all online applications, because they allow to work out of office and improve the quality of life. And we really liked the new concept - enterprise health management. Moreover, it's no longer just a concept - but quite successful business for several startups. For example, Shapeup, Wellthy, or the service from the Google Health co-founder Adam Bosworth - Keas. These startups get millions in investments and among their clients - such corporations as Sprint, Kraft Foods, Pfizer, etc. So what are these services? ***