Top 10: Contact Management software for Business

Updated: July 30, 2023

Contact Management software is a valuable tool that enables individuals and businesses to efficiently organize and maintain their contacts and customer information. This specialized software provides a centralized database to store contact details, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information. Contact Management software allows users to categorize and segment contacts based on various criteria, facilitating targeted communication and personalized engagement. With features for notes, reminders, and follow-up tasks, it helps users stay organized and on top of their interactions with clients and prospects. Moreover, Contact Management software often integrates with other business tools, such as email clients and CRM systems, to ensure seamless data synchronization and streamline communication workflows. By leveraging Contact Management software, individuals and businesses can build stronger relationships with their contacts, improve customer service, and optimize sales and marketing efforts, ultimately fostering long-term success and growth. Some of the most popular contact management software options are listed below.

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2016. Zoho ContactManager teams up with Google Apps

Contact management service Zoho ContactManager has introduced a new feature, Google Apps Integration, which allows for seamless synchronization with Google applications while preserving the integrity of HTML tags and links. With this integration, your existing Google data, including users, contacts, and tasks, will be readily accessible within Zoho ContactManager. Any additions or modifications made in Google Contacts will be reflected instantly in Zoho ContactManager, and vice versa. By enabling synchronization and forgetting about it, Zoho ContactManager ensures that you are always up to date. Additionally, it offers the convenience of redirecting your Google emails straight to your inbox. Moreover, when combined with Zoho ContactManager, you can share your Google contacts and tasks with users within your organization based on their hierarchical roles.

2015. Google Contacts gets a new look, integrates with Google+

Google is providing a preview of an updated version of Google Contacts, accessible through this link: Google Contacts. This new version aims to merge users' connections from Gmail and Google+ into a single location. With the updated Google Contacts, information from contacts' Google+ profiles, such as job titles, addresses, and phone numbers, will be automatically fetched. Furthermore, contextual details like recent meetings or exchanged emails with a specific person will be included. The refreshed Google Contacts introduces a new appearance and user experience. It also offers a redesigned tool for resolving duplicate contact information, allowing users to quickly merge multiple entries. While Gmail's contacts currently provides a similar functionality, the new tool promises to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Google plans to gradually roll out these updated contacts to Gmail users over the next few weeks. However, it's important to note that like the Inbox app, this feature won't be immediately available to professional Google Apps users.

2015. Contact Manager app FullContact gets funding, rolls out a new app for iOS

FullContact, a provider of contact management solutions for both consumers and developers, has secured an additional $7 million in Series B funding and introduced a new universal contacts app for iOS. The development of these iPhone and iPad apps incorporates technology from Cobook, a startup that FullContact acquired one year ago. Furthermore, FullContact recently unveiled the FullContact for Gmail plugin, a browser add-on that competes with LinkedIn's Rapportive. This plugin adds a sidebar to Gmail, displaying contact names, details, and even their social media posts. However, the plugin currently faces limitations in data retrieval, as it relies on LinkedIn's API restrictions. Despite changes implemented since LinkedIn acquired Rapportive, the access it has to LinkedIn's data continues to position it as a formidable competitor. Nevertheless, FullContact aims to enhance its own contacts database, potentially altering the competitive landscape in the future.

2014. Contact identification app Truecaller scores $60 Million

Truecaller, a mobile application for phone directory and caller identification, has successfully raised $60 Million in Series C funding. Truecaller offers a valuable feature that facilitates bridging the gap between various mobile services, platforms, carriers, and apps. This service has gained popularity in countries where a significant number of mobile users rely heavily on calls or apps utilizing phone numbers, such as WhatsApp, but lack comprehensive directory services to locate and connect with others. Truecaller's platform combines existing directory services through partnerships with white pages companies and platforms like Yelp, while also incorporating crowdsourced information from the app's users. Additionally, it provides spam call filters and proudly presents the number of nuisance calls it has saved users from receiving.