Cloudyn was a leader in cloud monitoring and cost optimization that governs and optimizes cloud deployments across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Its SaaS solution delivered unprecedented insights into usage trends and cost allocation coupled with custom prescriptive actions for enhancing performance and reducing spend. Acquired by Microsoft in 2017 and built in Azure Cost Management.

2017. Microsoft acquires cloud management platform Cloudyn

Microsoft is adding Israel’s Cloudyn and its cloud monitoring and analytics tools to the Azure platform. The purchase price fell between $50 million and $70 million. Cloudyn’s tools help customers understand how much they are spending across multicloud environments, tracking spending and even offering recommendations for more efficient usage. It’s a sign that multicloud and hybrid cloud deployments are the new reality for public cloud vendors, who have at times attempted to argue that all of a company’s workloads are best off in a single public cloud. Cloudyn’s products are specifically designed to work across multiple environments, meaning that Azure now offers its customers a tool that can help them use Amazon Web Services more effectively.

2014. Cloudyn wants to bring clarity to cloud billing

Cloud optimization service Cloudyn introduced a new tool called Cost Allocation 360 that attempts bring some clarity to cloud billing, whether it’s in the data center or the public cloud. The goal of the tool is to give CFOs the ability to allocate costs to the business units using the resources. The tool is also aimed at Software as a Service vendors to allocate costs more fairly based on usage. The idea is to provide a way using your company terminology to apply costs in a way that makes sense to your organization. The tool works by tagging resources and associating customized cost entities such as business units, regions, departments and so forth with the cost of the resource.

2014. Cloud optimization service Cloudyn scores $4M

Cloudyn, a cloud administrative service that helps companies monitor and optimize cloud utilization and cost across different infrastructure providers, announced today it had received $4M in Series A funding. Cloudyn is part of a growing group of services designed to support and administer the use of cloud resources. It provides monitoring for cost, usage and performance across different cloud vendors, whether public or private. Cloudyn gives you visibility across your different cloud instances wherever they lived to help you find that balance. For now, Cloudyn supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and OpenStack, but the company intends to use part of the funding to expand support to other popular cloud platforms, particularly Microsoft Azure and VMware.