Cloud Migration platforms

Updated: July 30, 2023

Cloud migration platforms are essential tools that facilitate the seamless transition of applications, data, and infrastructure from on-premises environments to the cloud. These specialized platforms offer a comprehensive set of tools and services to assess, plan, and execute the migration process. Cloud migration platforms enable organizations to analyze their existing workloads, identify dependencies, and determine the best cloud environment for each application. With automated migration capabilities, these platforms ensure a smooth and efficient migration process, minimizing downtime and disruption to business operations. Moreover, cloud migration platforms often provide real-time monitoring and reporting, allowing organizations to track the progress of the migration and identify any issues that may arise. By leveraging cloud migration platforms, businesses can take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of cloud computing while ensuring a secure and successful migration to the cloud environment.

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2021. Logicworks announces new cloud migration platform

Logicworks, a company specializing in assisting customers with cloud migration and workload management, has introduced the Cloud Reliability Platform (CRP). The CRP is specifically designed to facilitate secure and compliant migration to AWS or Azure, ensuring continuous revenue generation. With the increasing pace of cloud adoption, Logicworks supports its customers by utilizing a template-based approach that ensures secure migration while adhering to relevant industry standards such as HIPAA, FINRA, or other regulatory frameworks. Customers have the flexibility to select the applicable industry template, make necessary customizations, and seamlessly transition to the cloud while maintaining security and compliance.

2017. Microsoft launches new tools to help enterprises move to its Azure cloud

According to Microsoft, a significant majority (80 percent) of the companies it engages with express a desire to adopt a hybrid cloud approach. In response to this demand and to facilitate their transition to the company's cloud platform, Azure, Microsoft is introducing a range of new tools. One of the key offerings is the Cloud Migration Assessment service, which enables companies to assess their current IT infrastructure and receive an estimate of the costs associated with migrating their services to Azure, along with potential savings. Moreover, Azure users now have the opportunity to receive a discount when they transfer their Windows Server licenses (with Software Assurance) to Azure. Known as the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit, this benefit can lead to savings of up to 40 percent, making it more enticing for existing Windows Server users to shift their workloads to the cloud. Additionally, for those interested in making this transition, the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) tool is receiving a minor update. While primarily designed to assist enterprises in coordinating their disaster recovery plans, it can also be leveraged for migrating existing virtual machines to Azure.