Cloud Data Warehouse platforms

Updated: December 26, 2020

2020. Hightouch raises $2.1M to help businesses get more value from their data warehouses

Hightouch, a SaaS service that helps businesses sync their customer data across sales and marketing tools, is coming out of stealth and announcing a $2.1 million seed round. As businesses adopt data warehouses (like Snowflake, Google’s BigQuery and Amazon Redshift), they now have a central repository for all of their customer data. Typically, though, this information is then only used for analytics purposes. But it also makes sense for operational purposes like serving different business teams with the data they need to run things like marketing campaigns — or in product personalization. Hightouch lets users create SQL queries and then send that data to different destinations — maybe a CRM system like Salesforce or a marketing platform like Marketo — after transforming it to the format that the destination platform expects.

2020. Firebolt raises $37M to take on Snowflake, Amazon and Google with a new approach to data warehousing

Firebolt, a startup that has built a more comprehensive way to assess, analyse and use that data is announcing $37M funding as it looks to take on Snowflake, Amazon, Google and others in the area of enterprise data analytics. Today's data warehouses are solving yesterday’s problem, which was: How do I migrate to the cloud and deal with scale? Firebolt changes the focuse from one of scale to one of speed and efficiency. The startup claims that its performance is up to 182 times faster than that of other data warehouses. It’s a SQL-based system that works on principles that Farkash said came out of academic research that had yet to be applied anywhere, around how to handle data in a lighter way, using new techniques in compression and how data is parsed. Data lakes in turn can be connected with a wider data ecosystem, and what it translates to is a much smaller requirement for cloud capacity.

2020. Google quietly acquires data warehouse management startup Dataform

Dataform, a startup in the U.K. that was building what it dubbed an “operating system” for data warehouses, has been quietly acquired by Google’s Google Cloud division. Dataform had set out to help data-rich companies draw insights from the data stored in their data warehouses. Mining data for insights and business intelligence typically requires a team of data engineers and analysts. Dataform wanted to simplify this task and in turn make it faster and cheaper for organisations to take full advantage of their data assets.

2020. Altinity grabs $4M to build cloud version of ClickHouse open-source data warehouse

Altinity, the commercial company behind the open-source ClickHouse data warehouse, announced a $4 million seed round along with a new cloud service, Altinity.Cloud.. Altinity.Cloud offers immediate access to production-ready ClickHouse clusters with expert enterprise support during every aspect of the application life cycle. It also helps with application design and implementation and production assistance, in essence combining the consulting side of the house with the cloud service.