Cloud Data Security platforms

Updated: January 14, 2022

2022. Eureka raises $8M for its data cloud security platform

Eureka, a Tel Aviv-based startup that provides enterprises with tools to manage security risks across their various data stores, today announced that it has raised an $8 million. The idea behind Eureka then is to give these businesses insights into all the cloud data stores that are connected to their systems and help them manage access policies and discover configuration issues and policy violations. While many organizations have clear ideas about how they think about data protection, implementing those policies across different data stores, all with their own settings and capabilities, is often a challenge.

2020. Open Raven raises $15M for its security tech to secure hybrid clouds

Cloud security startup Open Raven has closed on $15 million in new financing. Open Raven’s potential stems from the simple fact that a majority of all databases will be accessed from a cloud platform within the next two years. These databases may exist on several different service providers’ cloud computing platforms making it that much more difficult to secure and track the data as it’s accessed by different users. Put simply, data security tools weren’t built to handle this kind of data fluidity across multiple services. These instances of what Open Raven calls “data sprawl” can lead to misconfigurations that have become one of the biggest security threats