Top 10: Cloud CRM software

Updated: November 13, 2022

Some of the most popular cloud CRM software options are listed below.

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2018. Zoho CRM enables to convert website live-chats to phone conversations

Zoho updated its unified customer experience platform Zoho CRM Plus. The new version doesn’t just allow your customers to reach out to you through the channel of their choice, it also helps your business teams switch across channels at will. Your sales reps can convert website live-chats to phone conversations, support agents can make or answer calls from within their ticket interface, and your marketers can convert social media interactions into tickets to get problems solved faster. With the bew ASAP plug-in for Desk plug-in, customers will be able to quickly find answers sourced from your business’s knowledge base, raise tickets directly, and even chat with your support agents from within your company website or mobile app. New Blueprint lets you build and automate processes that run across your sales, marketing, and support teams. Take your daily sales orders, for example: You can set up a Blueprint for your sales orders that involves both your sales and support teams so that approving a sales order in CRM will automatically create a ticket in Desk, and conversely, the sales order will be marked as “Delivered” in CRM when the delivery is completed in Desk.

2018. SAP unveiled new cloud CRM - C/4HANA

SAP gives CRM another shot with new cloud-based suite called SAP C/4HANA. It's intended to give users a way to provide consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales and customer service. It pulls together several acquisitions from the last several years: Hybris (ecommerce piece), Gigya (customer identity piece) amd CallidusCloud (price quote piece). SAP has taken these three pieces and packaged them together into a customer relationship management package. They see this term much more broadly than simply tracking a database of names and vital information on customers. They hope with these products to give their customers a way to provide consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales and customer service.

2015. Bpm’online announced key executive appointment and new US headquarter

Cloud CRM software vendor bpm’online announced that Michael Rooney has joined the company as Senior Vice President and General Manager of bpm’online in North America. The appointment marks the opening of company’s new office in Boston, MA, that will serve as the company’s US headquarter, accelerating sales operations while building alliances with technology and market experts. The goal of the expansion is to attract Boston’s top engineering and sales talent, while facilitating the growth of bpm’online’s customer and partner base.

2014. Infor acquired Saleslogix CRM

Infor, an enterprise business software company, is buying one of the CRM market pioneers, Saleslogix that offers on-premises, mobile and cloud CRM solutions. Saleslogix was developed by British company Sage and last year sold to American vendor Swiftpage together with popular contact manager Act!. Now Swiftpage is selling the CRM solution again, while Act! is not part of the deal. Swiftpage put Act! in the Amazon cloud, but didn’t really capitalize on the Saleslogix, which was always left behind the market leaders and Microsoft Dynamics. From the other hand - Infor, that provides  cloud business management suite has a missing link of cloud CRM. It has a Salesforce CRM integration tool, but not all of their customers want to use Salesforce. So, this acquisition will fill the gap.

2009. SalesLogix

SalesLogix - is one of the most popular CRM systems. And Sage (Saleslogix developer) always used to follow CRM market trends to keep its product competitive. In 2007 they unveiled SalesLogix web version (on ASP.NET) that optimized the software performance and provided suitable web access. And now when the "cloud fashion" came, Sage announces cloud SalesLogix edition that will be available in early 2010. In general, its not a revolutionary step: it will be the same old single-tenant SalesLogix, installed on Amazon EC2. Each customer will use an individual copy of the software. But the most interesting is how Sage introduced this new service.