Top 10: Cloud CRM software

Updated: August 01, 2023

Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based software solution that enables businesses to manage and analyze their customer interactions and data from a centralized platform accessible through the internet. This technology streamlines various aspects of customer relationship management, including lead generation, sales pipeline management, customer support, and marketing automation. By storing customer information securely in the cloud, businesses can access real-time data, track customer interactions, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Cloud CRM solutions also facilitate collaboration among team members, allowing them to share customer data and work together to enhance customer experiences. With the flexibility and scalability offered by the cloud, businesses can deploy CRM systems quickly, scale resources based on demand, and leverage advanced features and integrations to drive sales growth, optimize marketing efforts, and build lasting customer relationships. Some of the most popular cloud CRM software options are listed below.

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2018. Zoho CRM enables to convert website live-chats to phone conversations

Zoho has introduced significant updates to its integrated customer experience platform, Zoho CRM Plus. The latest version not only allows customers to engage with businesses through their preferred channels but also enables seamless channel switching for internal teams. Sales representatives can effortlessly transition from website live chats to phone conversations, support agents can handle calls directly from their ticket interface, and marketers can convert social media interactions into tickets for expedited issue resolution. With the new ASAP plug-in for Desk, customers gain access to quick answers from the company's knowledge base, the ability to create support tickets, and the convenience of chatting with support agents directly on the company website or mobile app. The introduction of Blueprint empowers businesses to build and automate processes that span sales, marketing, and support teams. For instance, a sales order Blueprint can involve both sales and support teams, automatically creating a ticket in Desk when a sales order is approved in CRM, and updating the sales order status to "Delivered" in CRM upon completion of the delivery process in Desk.

2018. SAP unveiled new cloud CRM - C/4HANA

SAP is making a renewed foray into CRM with the introduction of SAP C/4HANA, a new cloud-based suite. This suite is designed to equip users with the tools necessary to facilitate consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service. SAP has consolidated several acquisitions made over the past few years, including Hybris for ecommerce functionality, Gigya for customer identity management, and CallidusCloud for pricing quoting capabilities. By combining these three components, SAP has created a comprehensive customer relationship management package. The company envisions CRM as encompassing much more than a mere database for tracking customer names and information; instead, it aims to provide customers with a complete solution that enables consumer data protection, marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service.

2015. Bpm’online announced key executive appointment and new US headquarter

Cloud CRM software vendor bpm’online has welcomed Michael Rooney as the new Senior Vice President and General Manager of bpm’online in North America, according to an announcement made by the company. This appointment also signifies the inauguration of bpm’online's fresh office in Boston, MA, which will function as the company's headquarters in the United States. The primary objective of establishing this office is to expedite sales operations and foster collaborations with technology and market professionals. By doing so, bpm’online aims to attract the finest engineering and sales experts in the Boston area, while facilitating the expansion of its customer and partner network.

2014. Infor acquired Saleslogix CRM

Infor, a leading enterprise business software company, has announced its acquisition of Saleslogix, one of the pioneers in the CRM market. Saleslogix offers comprehensive CRM solutions, including on-premises, mobile, and cloud-based options. Previously developed by British company Sage and later sold to Swiftpage along with the popular contact manager Act!, Saleslogix is now being sold again by Swiftpage, with Act! not included in the deal. While Swiftpage focused more on Act! in the Amazon cloud, Saleslogix was not given as much attention and fell behind market leaders like and Microsoft Dynamics. On the other hand, Infor, known for providing a cloud business management suite, lacked a cloud CRM solution. Although Infor had a Salesforce CRM integration tool, not all of their customers wanted to use Salesforce. With this acquisition, Infor aims to bridge the gap and strengthen its CRM offerings in the cloud.

2009. SalesLogix

SalesLogix - is one of the most popular CRM systems. And Sage (Saleslogix developer) always used to follow CRM market trends to keep its product competitive. In 2007 they unveiled SalesLogix web version (on ASP.NET) that optimized the software performance and provided suitable web access. And now when the "cloud fashion" came, Sage announces cloud SalesLogix edition that will be available in early 2010. In general, its not a revolutionary step: it will be the same old single-tenant SalesLogix, installed on Amazon EC2. Each customer will use an individual copy of the software. But the most interesting is how Sage introduced this new service. ***