CA Service Desk

Updated: November 06, 2019
CA Service Desk was acquired and rebranded to Clarity SM. It allowed to achieve a rapid and cost-effective deployment of a proven IT support solution delivered on demand. With CA Service Desk Manager On Demand, time-to-value was greatly improved via rapid implementation services that delivered a zero infrastructure deployment with built-in ITIL best practice configurations and an innovative business user self service capability.

2010. CA created social IT Service Desk

Social collaboration tools are being increasingly implemented into various business applications. Primarily, this trend involves enterprise portals, Email, collaboration systems. Recently CRM and customer support solutions are also equipped with social tools (e.g. GetSatisfaction or Salesforce Chatter). Why IT Service Desk systems also can't be social? - syas CA (one of the leading IT infrastructure management companies). Today CA has released the new SaaS service CA Open Space that allows to create a social network in IT department. As a rule, large companies have large IT departments. And these departments are often transformed into independent islands, which run above the company's business. They are not interested in the business objectives and in these lamers who work in the office. They only care to make the IT infrastructure working smoothly and never think of how to improve it so that employees can better solve their problems. Social Service Desk Open Space is designed to crash the wall between the IT department and the rest of the company and build social connection between IT and other employees. It reminds GetSatisfaction - something like an intranet forum where users can post questions, requests and ideas. It also allows to create communities (both within an IT department and involving other staff) where participants can solve problems or discuss ideas. Due to the rich user profiles - people can learn more about each other and communicate more easily. The obvious benefits of such a service - is reducing the IT department load. Because users can find answers to their questions on the service and not disturb the IT people. In addition, on Open Space users are free to help each other to solve problems. Together with the Open Space, CA presented the SaaS version of its core IT support solution CA Service Desk Manager On Demand that fully supports ITIL v3 requirements.