Top 10: Business Planning software

Updated: November 17, 2022

Some of the most popular business planning software options are listed below.

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2022. Pigment raises $65M to build the modern business planning platform

French startup Pigment, that develops a business planning and forecasting platform, has raised $73 million Series B round. For small companies that are growing, it can replace Microsoft Excel, as it’s more secure and more solid in general. For bigger companies that already use a business planning product from Oracle or SAP, Pigment can replace these legacy platforms with something a bit more modern. Pigment connects with the tools that your teams already use, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday and Snowflake. Clients use the platform to import, clean and enrich data from those other products. Once the data is in, you don’t have to enter the same number in multiple sheets as you can automatically reflect your metrics across the board. Pigment supports Excel-like formulas as well.

2021. Pigment raises $73M to take on Excel in the world of business planning and forecasting

Pigment, a Paris startup that has built a platform to help organizations better visualize data and use it to power better business planning and forecasting, has raised $73 million Series B. With customer traction, Pigment’s sweet spot up to now has been working with fast-scaling businesses with a strong play specifically in the world of tech, where its customers include Algolia, Gong, Melio, Deliveroo, Spendesk, Blablacar and Cheerz — precisely the kind of organizations that are both amassing large amounts of data about how the business is running, and in strong need of tools to help make better sense of that data, to use it to have a better idea of what the future might hold.