Top 10: Business communications services

Updated: November 13, 2022

Some of the most popular business communication services are listed below.

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2022. TextExpander, which lets users build shortcuts to speed up business communications, raises $41.4M

RPA, and companies like UiPath, swooped into on the world of work a few years ago as a catchy way for organizations to help teams automate and speed up repetitive business activities such as processing information on forms. Today, a company called TextExpander — which has identified and built a way to fix a similar gap in another repetitive aspect of business life, communications, by letting users create customized shortcuts to trigger longer text-based actions such as specific phrasing around a topic, calendar events, emails, messages, CRM systems and many other environments — is announcing $41.4 million in funding to expand something else: its business.

2019. Business communications service Movius raises $45M

Movius, a company that allows companies to assign a separate business number for voice calls and texting to any phone, has raised a $45 million Series D round. With this, the company has now raised a total of $100 million. Movius currently counts more than 1,400 businesses as its customers, and its carrier partners include Sprint, Telstra and Telefonica. What’s important to note is that Movius is more than a basic VoIP app on your phone. What the company promises is a carrier-grade network that allows businesses to assign a second number to their employees’ phones. That way, the employer remains in charge, even as employees bring their own devices to work.

2019. Vonage brings number programmability to its business service

Vonage launched number programmability for its business customers. What this means is that enterprises can now take any VBC number and extend it with the help of Nexmo’s APIs. To enable this, all they have to do is toggle a switch in their management console and then they’ll be able to programmatically route calls, create custom communications apps and workflows, and integrate third-party systems to build chatbots and other tools. In terms of those capabilities, users can pretty much do anything they want with these calls — and that’s important because every company has different processes and requirements.

2018. Dialpad acquired AI-startup TalkIQ

Dialpad, the business communications platform, has acquired TalkIQ to take an injection of artificial intelligence. TalkIQ can capture voice in near real time and apply sentiment analysis and analytics. This could provide a customer service operation with feedback in real time along with advice for managers when to intervene in a call. The TalkIQ functionality will be incorporated natively right into the Dialpad suite of apps, which includes voice and video along with customer service call center management and UberConference for conference calling.

2011. Top 5 reasons why Microsoft acquired Skype

Last week, Skype again postponed its IPO. Then appeared the rumors that Facebook and Google are in talks to buy Skype. But today, suddenly Microsoft has acquired Skype for the record sum - $ 8.5 billion. With all respect to Skype - this is a very big sum. After all, Skype annual revenue is less than $1 billion and the net income is about $260 million. However, there are several reasons for Microsoft to overpay for this world's most popular messenger:

2009. Google Wave: is it a tsunami for Enterprise software?

On 30 of September the destructive tsunami wave hit the islands in Pacific Ocean. We don't know if this was a part of Google Wave promotion, but the effect from both is quiet comparable. Yesterday Google started sending 100000 invitations to Google Wave and the craze around this event has nothing similar in the Internet history. The number of news and comments about it is amazing and people already selling  the invites on eBay for couple hundreds of bucks. Of course, it's a new cool and game-changing products, but lets calm down and think about its enterprise-perspectives.