Brand Intelligence platforms

Updated: July 30, 2023

Brand intelligence platforms are powerful tools that provide businesses with valuable insights and analytics about their brand's reputation, sentiment, and online presence. These specialized platforms use advanced algorithms and data analytics to monitor and analyze social media, news articles, customer reviews, and other online content related to the brand. By tracking mentions, sentiment, and key performance indicators, brand intelligence platforms help businesses understand how their brand is perceived by customers and stakeholders. Moreover, these platforms offer competitive analysis, allowing businesses to benchmark their brand performance against competitors. With real-time monitoring and customizable reporting, brand intelligence platforms empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify opportunities for brand growth, and proactively address any negative sentiment or reputation issues. Overall, brand intelligence platforms play a critical role in helping businesses manage and enhance their brand image, reputation, and overall marketing strategies.

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2022. BlueOcean raises $30M for its AI-based brand intelligence platform

BlueOcean, a company that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights, has secured $30 million in funding. Initially, BlueOcean offered brand audits that provided customers with a list of actionable recommendations for improvement. Over time, the company has expanded its services and engagement model. Presently, BlueOcean's AI algorithms and advanced data analysis engine provide continuous feedback to its subscribed customers. These customers pay annual fees starting at $100,000 to access the service. By leveraging AI and big data, BlueOcean aims to deliver valuable and ongoing insights to its clients, facilitating continuous improvement and growth.

2021. Frontify raises $50M to help organizations manage their design and brand assets

Frontify, a cloud-based platform that offers businesses the capability to centralize and distribute their brand assets to internal and external stakeholders, has successfully concluded an equity round, raising $50 million. Frontify's platform serves as a comprehensive repository for companies to effectively manage and distribute their brand assets. What distinguishes Frontify from other digital asset management providers in the same domain, such as Bynder and Canto, is its unique focus on not only digital media files but also their utilization and usage patterns. This holistic approach sets Frontify apart, enabling businesses to have a comprehensive understanding of how their brand assets are being utilized.