Behavioral Cybersecurity platforms

Updated: August 05, 2023

Behavioral cybersecurity platforms are cutting-edge solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and mitigate cyber threats based on user behavior. These specialized platforms analyze patterns of behavior across an organization's network, endpoints, and applications to identify anomalies and potential security risks. By continuously monitoring user activities, behavioral cybersecurity platforms can detect unusual behavior indicative of cyberattacks, such as insider threats, account compromise, or unauthorized access attempts. These platforms can adapt and learn over time, making them more effective in detecting emerging threats and zero-day attacks. Behavioral cybersecurity platforms complement traditional signature-based security measures, providing an additional layer of defense against sophisticated and stealthy cyber threats. With their proactive and data-driven approach, behavioral cybersecurity platforms play a crucial role in fortifying organizations' security posture and safeguarding critical data and assets from evolving cyber risks.

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2022. Behavioral cybersecurity platform CybSafe raises $28M

A "behavioral security" platform called CybSafe, a cybersecurity startup, has recently raised $7.9 million in Series A funding. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product operates on a per-user subscription licensing model and focuses on managing security through behavioral insights. By employing behavioral science and data analytics, CybSafe aims to enhance cybersecurity awareness among employees. The platform offers users microlearning content and personalized "nudges" through a mobile application or browser, available in nine different languages. According to the company, this approach empowers organizations to gain insights into their workforce's security behavior, culture, and risk reporting, allowing them to proactively address security issues and monitor progress over time.

2021. CybSafe raises $7.9M for its ‘behavioral’ cybersecurity platform

CybSafe, a cybersecurity startup specializing in a "behavioral security" platform, has secured $7.9 million in a Series A funding round. CybSafe operates on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a subscription licensing structure based on the number of users. By leveraging behavioral science and data analytics, CybSafe's platform addresses security risks associated with human behavior by providing personalized cyber support to users. With an existing client base of 350 organizations across 15 countries, including renowned names like Credit Suisse, Air Canada, HSBC, and NHS Trusts, CybSafe has demonstrated its global reach and market traction.