B2B Sales platforms

2021. Lusha, a crowdsourced data platform for B2B sales, gets $205M

For many sales and marketing teams, finding leads is a time-consuming and tedious process. Lusha, a sales intelligence platform for B2B sales, is helping with a crowdsourced database that helps companies narrow down their lists of potential customers to the most likely candidates. The company has raised $205 million Series B. Lusha says its user community, which contributes data like company information and business contact details, now includes more than 800,000 sales professionals and 273,000 sales organizations, including large tech firms like Facebook, Google, Dropbox and Uber. Most of Lusha’s clients are B2B SaaS companies, but it’s also used by venture capital firms, investors and recruiting agencies.

2021. B2B sales platform Accord raises $1M

Accord has launched its business-to-business sales platform with $1M funding. The average sales deal can involve 14 people, just on the buyer side, which means teams do a lot of “herding cats” in order to drive consensus on sales. Instead, Accord’s application provides shared next steps and milestones for buying and selling teams to align on so that the right people are looped in at the right time. The company’s target market is technology startups, but Accord is now attracting interest from medical device companies and others where there is no software that bridges the gap between external parties.

2021. Accord launches Customer Collaboration platform with $6M seed

Accord, a platform for B2B sales, that takes into account the needs of both the sales person and the buyer, is launching with a $6 million seed round. Accord provides within the application shared next steps and milestones to align on and that the buyer can track asynchronously, a resource hub to avoid sorting through those hundreds of emails and threads for a single document or presentation and stakeholder management to make sure the right people are looped in at the right time. It also integrates with the company CRM like Salesforce to make sure all of that juicy data is being tracked properly in the sales database.

2020. Adobe expands customer data platform to include B2B sales

The concept of the customer data platform (CDP) is a relatively new one. Up until now, it has focused primarily on pulling data about an individual consumer from a variety of channels into a super record, where in theory you can serve more meaningful content and deliver more customized experiences based on all this detailed knowledge. Adobe announced its intention today to create such a product for business to business (B2B) customers, a key market where this kind of data consolidation had been missing. Adobe is working with early customers on the product and expects to go into beta before the end of next month with GA some time in the first half of next year.