Attack surface management platforms

Updated: December 21, 2021

2021. Attack surface management startup CyCognito raises $100M

CyCognito, a startup helping to prevent cyber attacks, has raised $100 million Series C. Like any attack surface management company, CyCognito is looking at the range of assets a company has and looking for gaps in security, but the comprehensiveness of the company’s approach is what differentiates it from the pack. It's leveraging machine learning-based, attack surface management to understand what’s out there. And it's the first company to automate security testing at the scale of millions of assets

2020. Palo Alto Networks to acquire AI cybersecurity firm Expanse for $800M

Palo Alto Networks has acquired Expanse for $800 million. Expanse provides a service to help companies understand and protect their attack surface, where they could be most vulnerable to attack. It works by giving the security team a view of how the company’s security profile could look to an attacker trying to gain access. The plan is to fold Expanse into Palo Alto’s Cortex Suite, an AI-driven set of tools designed to detect and prevent attacks in an automated way. Expanse should provide Palo Alto with a highly valuable set of data to help feed the AI models.