Top 10: Application Security software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Application Security software, often referred to as AppSec software, is a critical tool in safeguarding modern software applications from potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Designed to detect, prevent, and remediate security flaws in software code and architecture, this specialized software solution plays a crucial role in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of applications. By employing a range of sophisticated techniques like static and dynamic analysis, runtime monitoring, and vulnerability scanning, Application Security software empowers developers and security teams to proactively identify and address weaknesses early in the development lifecycle. With its comprehensive approach to fortifying applications against potential attacks, AppSec software significantly enhances the overall security posture of organizations, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring a robust defense against an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity risks. Some of the most popular application security software options are listed below.

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2023. Kodem raises $25M to tackle application security

Kodem, a new startup is entering the fray in the market of application security, has raised $25 million. The approach adopted by Kodem involves scrutinizing the runtime data of applications and employing models to gain insights into their coexisting components. This data is then consolidated, organized, and used to generate application security alerts that pertain specifically to an organization's unique set of applications and services. On average, Kodem posits that only a fraction, less than 10%, of all software is actively utilized during runtime, and of that, a mere 5% is actually susceptible to vulnerabilities. It is important to note that these percentages may vary for each organization under evaluation. The overall result is a 95% reduction in the number of alerts, as claimed by the company. With fewer alerts to contend with, security teams have a higher probability of receiving pertinent information. Additionally, the decreased volume of alerts makes it significantly easier to prioritize and address the list effectively.

2020. Enso Security raises $6M for its application security posture management platform

Enso Security, a startup based in Tel Aviv, has successfully raised $6 million in seed funding to develop a groundbreaking platform for application security posture management. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, companies possess a diverse range of research and development (R&D) capabilities, enabling them to introduce new applications swiftly and implement changes to existing ones. However, this increased complexity presents significant challenges for application security teams. Enso Security aims to address this by providing a unified platform that enables the discovery of applications, identification of owners, detection of changes, and capturing of their security posture. With this comprehensive overview, teams can effectively prioritize and track their tasks while receiving real-time feedback on activities across multiple tools. Enso Security's tools currently integrate data from various sources, including JIRA, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Splunk, ServiceNow, and the Envoy edge and service proxy.