API Security platforms

2021. Cequence adds $60M Series C to improve API security

Cequence Security that has just closed a $17 million Series B was concentrating on security to protect business logic. While it still does that, it has shifted focus to API security, and today it announced a $60 million Series C. The startup was seeing more vulnerabilities through APIs with customers, and they began to shift the focus of the Cequence analytics engine to find those kinds of vulnerabilities. Cequence looks at approximately 150 data points to determine if the activity is something to worry about.

2021. Noname Security raises $60M to eliminate API flaws

Enterprise API security startup Noname Security has raised a $60 million Series B funding round. The startup provides a holistic security platform that uses AI and machine learning to enable enterprises to see and secure managed and unmanaged APIs exposed by the organization, consumed by the organization, or used internally, thereby eliminating the API security blind spots. The majority of these flaws often go unnoticed for years, according to Noname, giving anyone who can find them unfettered access to an organization’s most sensitive operations.