Top 10: Screen Sharing apps for Android

Updated: July 31, 2023

Android screen sharing apps are specialized tools that allow users to share their Android device's screen with others in real-time. These apps are especially useful for remote support, training sessions, presentations, and collaborative work. With Android screen sharing apps, users can mirror their device's screen onto another Android device, a computer, or a smart TV, allowing others to view exactly what is happening on their screen. Some of these apps also offer additional features like annotation, remote control, and file sharing, further enhancing the collaborative experience. Popular Android screen sharing apps include TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and ApowerMirror, each offering user-friendly interfaces and seamless screen sharing capabilities. Whether for professional or personal use, Android screen sharing apps empower users to share information, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate effectively from anywhere, making them valuable tools for remote work and communication. Some of the most popular android screen sharing apps are listed below.

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2019. Skype launched screen sharing on iOS and Android

Skype has recently announced an update to its mobile application, introducing a screen sharing feature for both iOS and Android users during calls. This functionality offers various practical applications, such as sharing presentations or providing remote technical assistance. To access this feature, Skype users can simply tap the newly added "..." (more) menu within the app, where other recently launched features like call recording and subtitles can also be found. Additionally, this mobile release of Skype includes a redesigned calling screen that enables users to dismiss call controls with a single tap. Tapping again removes all controls, allowing the video call itself to take center stage, while another tap brings back all the controls.