Top 10: AI-based Design software

Updated: July 30, 2023

AI for Design is a transformative force revolutionizing the creative landscape by amalgamating human ingenuity with machine intelligence. This innovative fusion empowers designers to transcend the boundaries of conventional thinking, unlocking a vast realm of possibilities. Leveraging advanced algorithms and deep learning, AI enhances the design process, offering automated ideation, rapid prototyping, and data-driven insights, thus expediting iterative cycles and fostering unparalleled efficiency. From architecture and graphic design to user experience and product development, AI's seamless integration fuels a harmonious synergy between human imagination and computational prowess, propelling the art of design into a realm of boundless innovation and unimaginable potential. Some of the most popular AI for Design software options are listed below.

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2023. Microsoft’s AI-powered Designer tool comes to Teams

Microsoft is introducing its AI-driven art creation tool, Designer, to the free version of Teams. Users of Microsoft Teams can now utilize Designer, an app similar to Canva, to generate various designs for presentations, posters, digital postcards, and other purposes. These designs can be shared on social media platforms and other channels. Designer can generate designs based on text prompts or uploaded images by leveraging DALL-E 2, OpenAI's text-to-image AI. The tool offers options for customization and personalization through drop-down menus and text boxes. Designer is accessible through the web, Microsoft's Edge browser via the sidebar, and now within the free version of Teams. The announcement of Designer was initially made in October, and new features such as caption generation and animated visuals were added in April. Microsoft has also promised additional advanced editing features in the future.

2023. Adobe brings Firefly’s generative AI to Photoshop

Photoshop is receiving an infusion of generative AI through the integration of several Firefly-based features. These new additions empower users to expand images beyond their boundaries by incorporating Firefly-generated backgrounds. Additionally, generative AI can now be utilized to seamlessly insert objects into images, while a new generative fill feature enables more precise removal of objects compared to the previous content-aware fill option. Initially, these features will be exclusive to the beta version of Photoshop. Moreover, Adobe is extending some of these capabilities to Firefly beta users on the web. It's worth noting that Firefly users have already generated over 100 million images using the service.