AI for Contact Centers

Updated: February 06, 2020
Contact Center AI rely on speech recognition and natural language processing to automate simple, common interactions, doing handoffs to live agents when needed. AI also can give agents recommendations in real time

2020. AI startup Cresta wants to reinforce human contact center workers

Call center focused startup Cresta is launching from stealth and announcing that they’ve raised $21M. Unlike majority of call center AI startups, Cresta is more focused on using AI suggestions to help human contact center workers make the most of an individual call or chat session and lean on what’s worked well for past interactions that were deemed successful. Cresta uses AI to school customer service workers and salespeople on how to close the deal. There’s quite a lot of turnover in contact center jobs and that can leave companies reticent to spend a ton of time investing in each employee’s training. Cresta is hoping that by tapping improvements in natural language processing, their software can help alleviate some stress for contact center workers and help them move conversations in the direction of selling something else for their company.

2019. Google launched Contact Center AI

Google is making its Contact Center AI generally available for use. This cloud service is built with conversational AI engine Dialogflow to automate interactions with customers in call centers. Contact Center AI contains Virtual Agent to automatically respond to customer queries with voice or text or handoff the conversation to a person when a bot is unable to help a customer. Agent Assist uses natural language processing to augment customer service agent interactions with customers when a bot is unable to help a customer. Contact Center AI is designed to work with existing contact centers — not against them. Integrations with Avaya and Mitel are already available. CCAI is available in U.K. English, Australian English, as well as Spanish and Russian

2018. Talkdesk nabs $100M for its smart call centers

Talkdesk, the provider of cloud-based contact center software, has raised $100 million in new funding. The round values the company at north of $1 billion. The company, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer service, targets mid-market and enterprise businesses, counting IBM, Dropbox, Stitch Fix and Farfetch as customers. With Talkdesk companies with millions customers can allow each customer to connect with a company in the best way possible. Having received a call customer service agent can see what products the cutomer bought, what her tastes are, what she has complained about before.