Advertising services for Small Business

2018. Adwords rebrands as Google Ads, adds AI for small business

In July Google’s ad service AdWords will become Google Ads. But it’s not just a name change. Google is also launching something it calls Smart Campaigns, which will become the default mode for advertisers. It allows those advertisers to identify the actions (whether it’s phone calls, store visits or purchases) that they’re prioritizing, then Google Ads will use machine learning to optimize the images, text and targeting to drive more of those actions.

2018. How to use Twitter for your business?

Twitter has launched a new website Twitter for Business and the new advertising service for small businesses Self-Service Ads. The advertising service allows to advertise your account and attract new subscribers (via Featured accounts), advertise your posts (so they will be seen by more subscribers) and promote your #hashtags (in the Trends). So, this is very interesting, but the bad news is that the Twitter advertising service is currently available only in US. But the Twitter for Business website can be useful for all those who want to use Twitter to promote business for free. What do they advise?

2017. LinkedIn launched own advertising network

LinkedIn launched a new service LinkedIn Audience Network: a way for advertisers to buy inventory on a network of mobile sites and apps beyond LinkedIn itself, but still using LinkedIn’s demographic data, to broadcast their Sponsored Content — LinkedIn’s term for updates posted by companies that can be reports or other links, which the companies pay to promote. Initially, the LinkedIn Audience Network will cover tens of thousands of sites and apps globally, as well as ad exchanges like MoPub, Sharethrough, Google Ad Exchange and Rubicon and Microsoft-owned services like and The audience network is rolling out globally to all English-speaking countries first.

2014. Facebook takes on Google AdWords with Atlas

Facebook have launched a new advertising platform Atlas that aims at users on any website making use of their Facebook details. Facebook purchased Atlas from Microsoft last year. The service is designed to match Google’s AdWords - it  will allow to publish ads that follow users throughout the web as well as on mobile devices. Advertisers can purchase can purchase ads on websites and apps outside of Facebook and they can choose whether or not to include Facebook social network. Facebook will use not cookies, but user's Facebook log-in information. Though, this is one move that may not sit well with Facebook users, it nonetheless, presents an option to all advertisers, while equally serving as a competition to Google AdWords.