Kerio Workspace

Updated: October 25, 2019
Kerio Workspace was a product that allowed to upload, edit, share, and synchronize documents with your team in the office or on the road, create a cloud-based collaboration point to organize and share content, schedules, and team conversations online, manage projects and review progress wherever your mobile devices take you.

2012. Kerio Workspace 2.0 introduced free version, file synchronization, tasks and Outlook

Kerio Technologies (primarily known for its email server) has released a major update of its intranet collaboration system Kerio Workspace 2.0. Although this product is not yet so famous as Kerio's mail server, it has all chances to become popular. Because Kerio Workspace is really simple and effective solution. And second, it now provides a free version, which is not limited in functionality and in number of users. The only limitation is disk space - up to 10 GB. This version can be downloaded and installed on your own server (Win, Mac, Linux). In addition to the free edition, Kerio Workspace 2.0 provides the all-new interface and a lot of new features. First of all is Dropbox-like file synchronization between the server and users' computers. However, for now the system doesn't allow to sync files with mobile devices, because there are no native mobile apps for Kerio Workspace. But the system provides the mobile web-interface for iOS, Android and Blackberry and it is significantly improved in the new update. In particular, it now allows to edit the wiki pages. In addition to file storage and wiki Kerio Workspace 2.0 adds task-lists and events. And they can be synced with popular desktop organizers (such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal). In addition, Kerio Workspace 2.0 embedded anti-virus engine Sophos. Now, any file uploaded to the server can be automatically scanned for viruses and other malware.