Windows 7 - cloud-native OS

October 23, 2009 | Author: Adam Levine
Windows 7

Yesterday Windows 7 was officially released. Of course, it's a very important event for IT users and professionals, but we, first of all, wondered about how this new OS could influence the Cloud Computing sphere.  And though, at first sight, it has nothing in common with the Cloud, there are some technical aspects that make Windows 7 (in combination with its server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2) the first cloud-native OS from Microsoft. The fact is that the Windows-based IT infrastructure highly depend on two key components: Active Directory (for network administration) and Network Access Protection (for network security). Until Windows 7 both these technologies didn't work if server was located in the Cloud (on remote server) but not in Local Area Network.

Windows 7 solves these problems with 3 new services:

- Offline Domain Join - allows to add computer to Active Directory without ever having it in the same network

- DirectAccess - allows to log into the domain and access any services without having to VPN into the network

- Active Directory Management over Web Services -  provides administrative tools over web services

Besides, Windows 7 contains enhanced technologies, important for internet-based IT infrastructures: Remote Desktop (that enables access to applications running on the Terminal Server) and Microsoft Application Virtualization (application virtualization technology).

And in November we are waiting for Windows Azure - the fully Cloud OS, that will run in Microsoft's data center.

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Author: Adam Levine
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