Vibe - social layer for MS Dynamics CRM

February 04, 2011 | Author: Sandeep Sharma

Microsoft's own enterprise Twitter clone called OfficeTalk is rumored to appear soon. But rumors are rumors, and meanwhile MS Dynamics CRM users look with envy at Salesforce users who have the free Chatter. However, now they also get an option. Sonoma Partners (Microsoft's implementation partner) today announced the
availability of the free (Community) version of Vibe - the
social network for MS Dynamics CRM. Vibe,
like most similar solutions is based on microblogs that are created
either by users or automatically by the system when some event occurs (for example, new order is entered). Users
can subscribe to activity feeds of their colleagues, work-groups, particular topic and system alerts in order to keep abreast of everything that
is happening and collaborate on tasks.

User can insert in
the message files, pictures, videos, links to the customer's page and other objects in the CRM system (e.g. invoice or opportunity). Interestingly, the discussions about a specific CRM object is automatically attached to it. For
example, if you have discussed a customer with your colleague, this
discussion will be visible in the customer page in MS Dynamics CRM.

Vibe - is an in-house system. But it works either with MS Dynamics CRM 2011 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The community edition has no difference with the paid version but is provided without vendor's support. You can download it here.

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
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