Talent Management and Gamification on the rise: Salesforce buys Rypple

December 16, 2011 | Author: Adam Levine

Salesforce - is if not the trend-setter in the Enterprise, than it's certainly the indicator of most important trends in this sphere. The company had grown on the wave of CRM and SaaS, then came to the front edge of cloud platforms, mobile applications and social software. And now Salesforce wants to occupy two more hot areas - Talent Management and Gamification. The common goal of these technologies - is staff motivation and development. Crazy demand for talent management system has been proven by SuccessFactors, which has set several records in SaaS-implementation and recently was acquired by SAP. And we have already mentioned about Gamification potential. So, today Salesoforce has bought one of the most promising startups in these areas - Rypple (known as Zynga for Enterprise).

Rypple - is a SaaS service that combines project management and staff coaching and uses game mechanics (here's our review). Salesforce has already announced that on the basis of Rypple it will build the own talent management solution called (guess how?...) SuccessForce, and will also embed Rypple's game mechanics to Chatter and other products.

Recall that recently Salesforce in partnership with Bunchball have introduced the first gamified CRM - Nitro for Salesforce.

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Author: Adam Levine
Adam is an expert in project management, collaboration and productivity technologies, team management, and motivation. With an extensive background working at prestigious companies such as Microsoft and Accenture, Adam's in-depth knowledge and experience in the field make him a sought-after professional. Currently, he has ventured into entrepreneurship, owning a thriving consulting and training agency where he imparts invaluable insights and practical strategies to individuals and organizations, empowering them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential. You can contact Adam via email adam@liventerprise.com