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December 08, 2010 | Author: Sandeep Sharma
It seems that Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, was thinking for a long time about how to outdo his "friend" Larry Ellison and prove to him that Cloud Computing - is not a vaporware. And he invented a cloud database that will run as a SaaS service without any software and hardware. After all, Oracle is now virtually a monopolist in the database market (after the SUN/MySQL acquisition) and if it will work, it's the best way to hurt Larry. For greater effect, Benioff has bought an ideal domain And today at Dreamforce conference Mark presented the new service. allows to create reliable, scalable databases using the visual interface and access them from any mobile / web / desktop application via API-interfaces (SOAP and REST). It allows to store any type of content (including documents, pictures, video), supports the SQL query language and provides many additional bells and whistles, like push-update data from the database to application, user management and user authentication.

Database as a Service - is not a super new idea. Last year Amazon RDS and SQL Azure appeared. But these were database services for specific cloud platforms. And is positioned as an independent (remote) cloud database, and this means that every time your app will call it, the data will be transferred over thousands Internet miles (and this is slowing down the response and hurting security). So, it's not clear yet, if this service will be demanded.

But Marc Benioff is absolutely sure that it's a big thing. This is indicated by the service pricing. Unlike Amazon RDS and SQL Azure, wants you to pay not for CPU time and number of transactions, but for the number of records in the database ($10 per 100 thousand records), and even for each user ($10/month per user). And still need to pay for transactions - $10 per 150 thousand transactions. There is also a free plan, but it is limited to 100 thousand records, 3 users and 50 thousand transactions per month.

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
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