Salesforce. The Movie

April 01, 2011 | Author: Sandeep Sharma

Columbia Pictures film makers are said to be keen to follow-up the phenomenal box office success of The Social Network with the new IT blockbuster. And they see the meteoric rise of the Cloud giant as the perfect story. In addition the screenplay is almost ready - it will be base on Marc Benioff's book "Behind the Cloud". The new movie, that will be called "Salesforce. The Movie" - is the story of how a simple idea grew out into the billion-dollar business, of how young Benioff did not give up when the leaders of the software industry, led by his former boss Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, laughed at him. At the moment Columbia Pictures has already commissioned a screenplay and is casting for the major roles. Russell Crowe is strongly tipped to land the lead role of CEO Marc Benioff:

Salesforce Movie

And in line for the other critical role in the production as co-founder Parker Harris, is none other than multi-Oscar winning megastar Tom Hanks.

Salesforce Movie

Casting for Ellison has yet to be confirmed, but Hollywood insiders suggest that The Godfather star Al Pacino is keen to sign on for the role.

Salesforce Movie

By spooky co-incidence, the backers for the movie are believed to include Skydance Productions, headed up Ellison's son David. 

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
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