Salesforce created task and project management service

November 09, 2011 | Author: Adam Levine tasks

Remember, earlier this year Salesforce acquired the best project management service for Google Apps - Manymoon? Today the result of this acquisition has appeared - task and project management app The app is very simple and straightforward: you can create projects, invite co-workers or customers, create tasks (to-dos), assign owners. To each project you can attach files and add comments. Tasks can be created via email, comments can be added via email and you receive notification to your email. iOS mobile application is already available, Android app is coming soon. Meanwhile the registration is by invitation only, but when opens later in November - it will be free. Paid (additional) features may appear in the next year. And the main question is: why Salesforce needs such a tool? projects currently operates as an separate unit in the company. For a while no one is talking about the integration with Chatter and Salesforce CRM. So this whole project looks like an experiment. Apparently though Salesforce is betting on the social collaboration tools (based on microblogging), it still feels the need in traditional functions - projects and tasks. potentially can grow into the Microsoft Outlook rival.

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Author: Adam Levine
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