Salesforce and Zoho launch support chat apps

February 27, 2013 | Author: Sandeep Sharma

Yesterday Salesforce said: "Customers want to get support via their phones." Stop! This is how it was before. If something happened, you took your phone and called support. And then Salesforce said that people don't want to call, but want to get support online - on the provider site or in social networks. And now, we should call again? No. Salesforce means that now people want to get convenient online support, not only via computer, but also via their small phones. That is why yesterday Salesforce launched the new mobile app Service Cloud Mobile, which includes mobile chat, mobile knowledge base interface, and even mobile browsing (co-browsing). And all these features can be embedded directly into your mobile app, providing maximum convenience for customers. The chat service costs $50/month for 1 operator.

Zoho yesterday also released the new support chat LiveDesk that can be embedded to your site. Zoho already has the free service that allows you to chat with your website visitors - Zoho Chat. But Zoho is now trying to make more money, so it created the dedicated commercial tool. Unlike the free Zoho Chat, LiveDesk provides more specialized features: full customer information, operator selection and rating, canned answers, offline forms, analytics, etc. LiveDesk pricing starts from $19/month for 3 agents.

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
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