Salesforce acquired Email/CRM startup

December 23, 2010 | Author: Sandeep Sharma
Salesforce etacts

Social Email plug-ins have become a hot topic. And as a result - the increasing interest towards them from the large vendors and investors. The most well-known representative of this class - Xobni was actually acquired by Cisco. Rapportive recently received the $1 million investment. The other day it found out that RIM (Blackberry) is going to acquire Gist. And yesterday, Salesforce bought for $6 million another similar service - Etacts. As all above mentioned tools, Etacts can pull contact profile data from public social networks and display it in email-client - so it acts as a the social CRM. But besides that, it lets you send personalized email-campaigns, display the history of communications with certain person and remind you when you need to contact him. How does it do it?

Etacts connects to your email-client (currently only to GMail) and analyzes message headers (email, date and subject). Based on this information, it creates a visual history of relations with each contact:

- When the correspondence began

- The history of conversations

- The total number of emails sent to each other

- How often you used to communicate with this person

- How many days have passed since the last contact

Salesforce etacts

Moreover, Etacts can be connected to your smartphone and include phone calls to this interaction history

If you didn't contact with a certain person for a long time, Etacts reminds you about it. You can set a reminder for each contact (e.g. remind if there were no communication during one month).

It also turned out that the GMail email-tracker - EmailOracle (which allows you to keep track of whether the recipient has read your message) - is also developed by Etacs and now it also became a part of Salesforce.

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
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