#OccupyTheEnterprise vs KLM Surprise: what will you choose?

November 11, 2011 | Author: Sandeep Sharma

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff can use any news or events for his marketing purposes. In his latest speeches, Mark is  talking about the well-known social movement Occupy Wall Street. As you know, this demonstration was organized mainly via the social networks, and in particular thank to the Twitter hashtag #OccupyWallStreet. "Look, what social networks can do" - says Benioff - "they can overthrow governments. And they also can easily destroy your business. Ignoring social networks - is ignoring your customers." Benioff has launched his own Twitter hashtag #OccupyTheEnterprise and scares enterprises with it. And from the other hand, he cites the example of using social networks by the Salesforce client  - KLM airlines.

It's a great example of how to improve customer loyalty using the social networks. KLM has launched the campaign KLM Surprise (see video). With the help of Salesforce Service Cloud and the social monitor Radian6 the KLM employees find in Twitter the passengers who currently sitting in the airport or arriving. They study the social profiles of these people and select small gifts for them. For example, a sporty woman is sitting in the airport and writing about it in Twitter. In a few minutes KLM representative finds here and presents some accessory for running. Of course there is no limit for her surprise ...

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep is a marketing expert with a wealth of knowledge in various domains: customer relationship management, social media management, advertising, search engine optimization, website building, Sandeep has established himself as a multifaceted professional. He honed his skills while working at Salesforce and Hubspot, where he gained invaluable insights into the industry. Now, as the proud owner of a small advertising consulting agency, Sandeep continues to provide innovative and effective strategies to businesses, helping them thrive in the competitive landscape of digital marketing. You can contact Sandeep via email sandeep@liventerprise.com