Adobe wants you to subscribe to Photoshop and other products instead of buying them


Following Microsoft that is using the new pricing policy to transfer its customers to MS Office subscription, Adobe is doing the same thing. Now it's more profitable to subscribe to popular creative software of Adobe Creative Suite than to buy it. The subscription service is called Adobe Creative Cloud. This service was introduced almost two years ago as a personal tool to sync graphic files between computers. But now it has become the flagship Adobe product. It includes the subscription to all Creative Suite applications, tablet apps, cloud storage, and file sync. In addition, Adobe now offers the team version of Creative Cloud that allows collaboratively create images, websites, videos and other multimedia objects.

The Creative Cloud for private customers costs $30 per month. This price includes 20 GB of cloud storage. And of course, you get all the new versions for free. The version for teams costs $50/month per user. For comparison, if you want to buy Photoshop - it will cost you almost $900, and the cost of the full Creative Suite - is more than $3000.

Of course, for while, even in the case of subscription - you have to install all the same Adobe desktop programs on your computer.