Aaron Levie Gangnam Style dance on BoxWorks stage. Box new version


After enchanting Dreamforce conference there was another big conference Oracle Open World. But this time, Larry Ellison gave us no interesting reason to post news about it. Conclusion: do not buy anything from Oracle, they are so boring. But the BoxWorks conference, recently held in San Francisco, was not less interesting than Dreamforce and Box CEO Aaron Levy - is a showman, no worse than Marc Benioff. For example, during his keynote, he danced Gangnam Style (photo). The Twitter founder Jack Dorsey calls Levi his favorite entrepreneur and the funniest tech CEO. But Box makes not only show, but also business. According to the latest data, Box is already used by 92% of the Fortune 500 companies and by 14 million users in total.

At the conference the new version of Box was also presented. The new features include:
- New interface
- Facebook-style Likes, and Twitter-style @mentions
- Quick file search
- the new interactive collaborator list in the right panel
- the ability to create and edit documents using a desktop editor (Box Edit)
- the ability to embed HTML5-widget with Box files to any web application or website (Box Embed)

Box alternatives are: DropBox, Google Drive, SharePoint, Citrix ShareFile, Egnyte, Evernote, Syncplicity, OneDrive