Rypple: Business is a Game


You think that social networks for business - is an innovative thing? And what would you say about social gaming for business? Imagine that employees perceive their responsibilities as an interesting game and intend to become champions. Imagine that people coming to work in the same mood as they sit down to play WarCraft. Isn't it a great idea? Rypple - is a new service that wants to implement this idea to real business. "We don't want to be the Facebook of the enterprise, we want to be the Zynga," says co-CEO of Rypple Daniel Debow. (Zynga - this is probably the most successful developer of multiplayer online games, in particular FarmVille for Facebook). Of course, Rypple hasn't created farm-like business app yet, but it successfully incorporated a gaming component into their service.

Rypple - is a service that allows you to implement normal management in a company. And normal management - this is when the CEO creates an environment in which employees want to work and know what to do. That are the tasks that Rypple allows to solve. In Rypple manager can set goals to his employees and give feedback evaluating their success. And this is where the game begins.

Like in Foursquare, where users get virtual badges for visiting certain places, in Rypple employees get badges for achieving certain goals. Each company can develop individual badges that fit the corporate style. And of course, received badges appear on the employee profile, where they can see by all his colleagues. Perhaps this recognition - is much nicer than a couple of words "OK, good" dropped by the manager at a personal meeting.

Rypple is something like Facebook / Twitter (microblogging + profiles) and can be used as a standalone service. But the creators also want to place Rypple "on the top" of third-party enterprise social networks. In particular, now they are working on Yammer integration.