IBM - the new SaaS integration leader


IBM has always been leader on the IT integration market. With the help of its WebSphere platform the company could integrate complicated systems like SAP and Oracle and create even more complicated systems. But with the growing popularity of Cloud Computing the new challenges have appeared: link on-premise apps to the cloud apps and links cloud apps to one another. Here, IBM was not so efficient. Not because WebSphere doesn't provide the needed technology, but because its stupid for a company that almost instantly deploys new SaaS service, spend a few months to integrate it into the IT infrastructure. Today IBM made an attempt to fill this gap in its package of services and acquired one of the two leading SaaS integration services - OmniConnect (the second is Boomi).

OmniConnect provides the SaaS visual designer that allows you to quickly integrate applications, regardless of whether they are behind the corporate firewall or in the cloud. The service contains an extensive library of connectors (templates) for the most popular services and platforms: Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, Google Apps, Salesforce, Netsuite, Webex, SAP, Oracle, CA, MS Dynamics ...

With OmniConnect IBM can not only help companies move progressively to the cloud, but to do what was previously impossible - integrate IT systems of partner companies. For example, to integrate ERP systems of supplier and the customer for seamless order processing.