Online file collaboration: DropBox Vs Box.Net


DropBox and - are, probably, the most popular and successful online file sharing and collaboration services. And though they use two different approaches to the SaaS file storage, they both have alike strategy, supposing constant upgrades and new features development. During the recent months both services did a good job and it's interesting to compare their results., unlike DropBox, more persistently targets business customers. This service has more advanced security features, access control and version control tools. The basic file types in business - are office documents, that's why allows to view and edit them online (using Zoho editors). provides API for developers and that makes possible to integrate it with other business applications. Recently developers added mainstream social tools - wiki, microblogging and profiles. According to the company info, has 50000 business-customers worldwide.


DropBox, like most Google services, is closer to consumer market. (BTW it's interesting that Google owns domain That's why they pay more attention to interface usability, easy-of-use and personal features, especially to file sync between multiple computers. Its main advantage over is the desktop client that allows to work with files offline. But the service lacks sufficient user and version control. During September DropBox totally redesigned the web interface, improved the upload speed and unveiled the iPhone app (mobile access is also a strength of Recently the company owners announced that they reached 2 millions users. One of the reasons of such a rapid growth is the free 2Gb subscription plan that DropBox provides to all.
DropBox alternatives are: Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, Evernote, Google Docs, iCloud, Salesforce