TeamWox unveils free edition


TeamWox - is a web-based collaboration software, created by MetaQuotes Software Corp. This is really cool solution with suitable interface and powerful functionality.  And it's performance speed is worth special mention - it's hardly slower than optimized Google ajax applications. And the software is constantly adding new features. During recent 6 months it added the full-featured Service Desk module and numerous enhancements in other sections. But the software pricing policy is probably the main negative factor that prevents TeamWox market share growth ($10000 for installed version and $9000 per year for SaaS version). To remove this issue, TeamWox creators decided to unveil a free version that supports up to 10 users.


This free version has no functionality or time limitations. Besides the users will be able to receive the software updates also for free. You can download free 10-user TeamWox here, and install it on your corporate web-server. The installation process is quite straightforward and described step-by-step on the vendor website. System requirements:

- MS Windows XP SP2, 2003 Server, Vista, Seven

- 2 GHz Pentium 4 or higher

- 2 GB RAM or higher