Weebly vs Wikispaces

Building a website on Weebly is unlike any other alternative website builder. Our drag & drop website builder makes it dead simple to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills required. Over 6 million people and small businesses have joined Weebly to build their online presence. Content elements (like text, photos, maps, and videos) are added to your website by simply dragging & dropping them into place. Text is edited just like in a word processor. Building your website is done in real time, right from within your web browser.
Wikispaces is a hosting service (sometimes called a wiki farm). Private wikis with advanced features for businesses, non-profits and educators are available for an annual fee.
Face to face in the news:

2015 - Website builder Weebly launches Enterprise version to keep up competition with Wikispaces

Website building service Weebly released new product Weebly for Enterprise specifically for companies that develop and manage 100 or more websites. It's based on the current consumer version of the Web CMS and adding a layer of business tools on top, including API support and administration tools to handle account creation and permissions needed for multi-site deployments. Weebly for Enterprise allows deep site customization, making it scalable, and also gives administrators the ability to lock down plugins and other features that they might not want their staff to make changes to (giving the CIO the ability to sleep at night knowing that staff aren’t uploading their own plugins).