SugarSync vs iCloud

SugarSync makes it easy to backup, share and access your files, anytime, anywhere. With SugarSync you get online cloud storage for all your files — documents, music, photos, and video. When you make a change or add files on any of your PC or Mac computers, SugarSync automatically syncs your files to the cloud, where you can access them from any Internet-connected device — including your smartphone or iPad.
iCloud is cloud service done right. It stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.
Face to face in the news:

2011 - Apple iCloud delighted SaaS vendors to defeate SugarSync

Mark Benioff and Steve Jobs
As you probably know, on Monday, Steve Jobs once again climbed on the stage to introduce another revolutionary thing. And at this time the thing was not small and metallic, but big and virtual - iCloud - the new center of Apple's strategy. In general, for us (from the enterprise point of view) this iCloud - is not very interesting. It allows you to sync all your content and apps across all your Apple-devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac). I.e. iCloud can only help to improve personal productivity. However, the emergence of iCloud caused delighted reaction among SaaS-vendors (, Zoho, Salesforce). First, they seem to be happy that iCloud won't compete with them. iCloud works only with Apple-devices and provides no collaborative features. But at the same time, iCloud marks the global shift from the desktop (or any device) to the Cloud. If Steve Jobs at his own says that the center is no longer in the iPhone or in the iPad, but in the cloud, then people will believe in it. And enterprises are ruled by the same people.