SmartRecruiters vs iCIMS

May 27, 2023 | Author: Adam Levine
SmartRecruiters and iCIMS are both popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) that assist organizations in managing their recruitment processes. SmartRecruiters offers a comprehensive and modern ATS platform that includes features such as job posting, candidate management, interview scheduling, and collaborative hiring tools. It emphasizes a user-friendly interface, automation, and integration capabilities with various recruitment channels. On the other hand, iCIMS is a versatile ATS that caters to businesses of all sizes. It provides functionalities such as applicant tracking, resume management, candidate communication, and reporting. iCIMS focuses on scalability, customization, and integration with other HR tools and systems.

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SmartRecruiters vs iCIMS in our news:

2020. iCIMS acquires video recruiting startup Altru for $60M

Enterprise recruiting company iCIMS has recently made an announcement regarding its acquisition of Altru. iCIMS provides a "talent cloud" utilized by over 4,000 employers for attracting, engaging, and hiring new employees, as well as supporting the career growth of current employees. Altru plays a crucial role in the initial stages of the recruitment process by assisting companies in maintaining connections with highly promising candidates and generating enthusiasm for potential job opportunities.

2019. iCIMS acquires Jibe to expand recruitment marketing capabilities

iCIMS has acquired Jibe, a recruiting technology platform, with the aim of enhancing its capabilities in employer branding, candidate engagement, and tracking the effectiveness of recruiting investments. Through this acquisition, Jibe will power iCIMS' new recruitment marketing solution called Attract. This solution can be accessed either as part of iCIMS' core platform or as the front end of other integrated ATS or HCM solutions. By combining the offerings of iCIMS and Jibe, employers are expected to improve their recruitment process by attracting suitable candidates right from the beginning of the hiring funnel.

2016. Hiring service SmartRecruiters raises $30 million

Because the task of managing a large pool of job applicants can be burdensome, SmartRecruiters, an AI-powered recruiting service, believes that its software offers the necessary tools to maintain organization during the candidate search process. Currently, SmartRecruiters has secured an additional $30 million in funding, on top of the $25 million already raised. Noteworthy clients such as Square, Atlassian, and Equinox gyms utilize SmartRecruiters to streamline job postings and facilitate communication regarding potential employees. Despite facing competition from other hiring software platforms like Jobvite and Brassring, the developers of SmartRecruiters are confident that there is ample room for multiple players in the market, given the high demand for hiring assistance among countless companies.

2014. Jibe wants to fix the mobile hiring process

Jibe, the SaaS recruiting solutions company, has recently secured $20 million in financing from SAP Ventures. What sets this company apart? Its secret sauce lies in revolutionizing the recruitment process by making it mobile-friendly. The crucial point is that attracting the right employees to your organization is even more vital than attracting customers. However, while CRM solutions offer mobile channels for managing customer relationships, recruiting apps have lagged behind. Jibe offers a mobile recruiting solution that simplifies the browsing of job openings and completion of applications for candidates on the move. It incorporates features such as pre-populated application information and multiple mobile-friendly resume upload options, including a unique email-based resume submission. As a result, mobile applications have a higher conversion rate, greatly enhancing the overall experience for your applicants.

Author: Adam Levine
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