SalesLogix vs Salesforce

Sage SalesLogix CRM software offers a complete view of customer interactions across departments—providing information and insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting.
Most-popular CRM. Easy collaboration. Proven cloud platform. offers everything you need to transform your business into a Social Enterprise, so you can connect to customers and employees like never before. With no software or hardware to install, you're up and running—and seeing a positive impact on your business—quickly. Free Salesforce alternatives for small business are: Zoho CRM, Bitrix24, CapsuleCRM, Insightly, FreeCRM. If you are looking for open-source self-hosted Salesforce alternatives pay attention to SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, vtiger.
Face to face in the news:

2011 - Nitro for Salesforce - gamified CRM. SalesLogix keeps calm

We continue to monitor the gamification of business applications. And the first gamified CRM is ... Nitro for Salesforce. This system was presented at the recent Dreamforce 2011 conference and will launch later this month. It's interesting that Nitro for Salesforce is created not by some guys from garage, but by the gamification professionals at Bunchball. For several years, this company is developing games for various projects. Its clients include Warner Brothers, NBC, HP, Comcast, Playboy. However, so far the company developed game mechanics only for consumer projects, and now decided to try its technologies in business application. As it's clear from the title, Nitro for Salesforce - is an add-on for Salesforce CRM.

Nitro for Salesforce

Using this add-on sales team leader can easily design a game using the traditional elements: objectives, levels, points, badges, leaderboards, reward store. For example, salespeople can earn points for completing deals, adding or updating client profiles, obtaining "Like" from a customer, etc. You can arrange competition not only between employees but also for example, between regional offices.

Nitro for Salesforce slogan is: "Isn't it time to move beyond automation and start thinking about Motivation?"

2009 - SalesLogix


SalesLogix - is one of the most popular CRM systems. And Sage (Saleslogix developer) always used to follow CRM market trends to keep its product competitive. In 2007 they unveiled SalesLogix web version (on ASP.NET) that optimized the software performance and provided suitable web access. And now when the "cloud fashion" came, Sage announces cloud SalesLogix edition that will be available in early 2010. In general, its not a revolutionary step: it will be the same old single-tenant SalesLogix, installed on Amazon EC2. Each customer will use an individual copy of the software. But the most interesting is how Sage introduced this new service.

Joe Bergera, Sage CRM exec, says: "It's not SaaS, it's the next generation of CRM software. First generation SaaS systems restricted the ability to customize and didn't provide users full control over their data. Now, in the Cloud computing era, companies can rent cloud CRM for a monthly fee and manage it like the traditional software. They don't need to worry about regular updates that may cause unwanted changes - now they can install updates when they need them..."

But it seems, that Sage now protects this rent model only because they can't create a multi-tenant SaaS offering. Long ago in 2005 they wanted to bit Salesforce with their (SalesLogix little sister) that also uses the single-tenant cloud scheme. But it haven't succeed  in competition with Salesforce's SaaS CRM.

Besides, a year ago Sage tried to launch SaaS version of its accounting suite - Sage Live. But this project was denied because of unsolved security problems.