Sailfish OS vs iOS

Sailfish OS
Sailfish OS is a Linux-based general-purpose operating system, widely known as a mobile operating system combining the Linux kernel for a particular hardware platform use.
iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple. Runs on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Authorized third-party native applications are available through Apple's App Store.
Face to face in the news:

2015 - iOS 9 extends battery life, brings Proactive Siri and iPad multitasking. Sailfish OS is in panic

Apple presented the new version of its mobile platform iOS 9 that will launch this fall. The new features include low-power mode (that will give your iPhone up to 3 extra hours of battery life), Proactive - an update to Siri, that will let it proactively tell you some useful information (like Google Now does), new Apple Maps with transit directions, Apple Wallet - rebranded PassBook, that now lets you add store cards as well as loyalty and rewards cards, Apple News - rebranded Newsstand app (that now works like Flipboard). And iPad will get a new split-screen app mode which allows users to run two different apps side-by-side. Apple says iOS 9 will work on any device that supports iOS 8.

2011 - The main business sphere for tablets - Healthcare. Sailfish OS is in panic

Maybe Google is right that the tablets are more suitable for entertainment than for business. However, in some cases tablets have become the essential business tools. We've listed some of these cases already: CEO accessory, business trips, insurance, warehouse, customer support, work at home, construction. But the main sphere for tablets in business is probably the Healthcare. And this fact has a sad historical background. The fact is that the godfather of all tablets, Steve Jobs, had been spending a lot of time in the hospitals. And though he (and Apple) didn't like business tech and wasn't trying to sell the iPad to companies, but he made an exception for medical industry. There is no enterprise department in Apple, but there is a position of Medical Marketing Manager, hold by Afshad Mistri (on the picture). That is the person, who promotes the iPad to healthcare organizations.

Healthcare is the only industry pointed ot the official iPad for business page. Or, for example, just watch this iPad commercial (above). In addition, Apple is offering a special iPad pilot program  for medical organizations and already 80% of American hospitals are involved in it. For example, in the Veteran’s Administration in the U.S. 1500 iPads are used and the organization is looking at rolling out as many as 100,000 tablets across 152 hospitals.

It turns out, iPad (tablet) in a hospital - is very helpful on both sides of the stethoscope. Doctors who are visiting patients in wards or at home, explain something to patients in the hallways, constantly need access to the medical records. And for the bed-bound patients the tablet - is an ideal opportunity to communicate with a family, watch movies, play games and forget about their illness, not interfering other patients.