Pivotal vs Virtustream

August 19, 2023 | Author: Michael Stromann
Pivotal and Virtustream are two cloud computing platforms that offer unique features and functionalities.

Pivotal is a cloud-native platform that focuses on providing a comprehensive application development and deployment environment. It offers tools and services for building, testing, and deploying applications in a cloud-native architecture. Pivotal's platform is designed to streamline the development process, improve collaboration among development teams, and enable rapid scaling and deployment of applications. It supports various programming languages and frameworks, and it emphasizes the use of containers and microservices for application development and deployment.

Virtustream, on the other hand, is a cloud infrastructure and services provider that specializes in enterprise-class cloud solutions. It offers a range of cloud services, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), managed services, and cloud migration solutions. Virtustream focuses on providing highly secure and scalable cloud environments specifically designed for enterprise workloads. It offers advanced security features, compliance certifications, and performance optimizations to meet the requirements of mission-critical applications and sensitive data.

While both Pivotal and Virtustream are cloud computing platforms, they cater to different aspects of the cloud ecosystem. Pivotal is more focused on application development and deployment, providing a platform for building modern, cloud-native applications. Virtustream, on the other hand, offers enterprise-class cloud infrastructure and services, targeting organizations with demanding workloads and stringent security and compliance requirements.

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Pivotal is the leading enterprise PaaS, powered by Cloud Foundry. It delivers an always-available, turnkey experience for scaling and updating PaaS on the private cloud. Pivotal is enabling the creation of modern software applications that leverage big & fast data – on a single, cloud independent platform.
Dell's Virtustream Enterprise Class Cloud provides a secure, highly available, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to enterprises and government customers.
Pivotal vs Virtustream in our news:

2019. VMware completes $2.7 billion Pivotal acquisition

VMware has successfully completed the $2.7 billion acquisition of Pivotal, a private cloud platform. This acquisition serves as another crucial step for VMware as it strives to transition from solely a virtual machine company to a cloud-native provider capable of managing infrastructure across various environments. This addition aligns with VMware's recent acquisitions of Heptio and Bitnami, further reinforcing its strategic vision. The ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate these developments into VMware Tanzu, a comprehensive management platform designed to unify Kubernetes containers and VMware virtual machines.

2015. EMC acquired IaaS platform Virtustream

EMC has acquired Virtustream, a cloud management firm, for a staggering $1.2 billion. The company has expressed its intention to integrate Virtustream as its newly established cloud managed services business. This acquisition of Virtustream marks a significant stride in the right direction, as it provides EMC with a managed services business focused on the cloud. This is particularly crucial in addressing a major concern for large enterprise customers, who grapple with the complexities of migrating and overseeing software like SAP in the cloud. Such organizations encounter difficulties when attempting to transfer these extensive applications to the cloud, and this is where a company like Virtustream can play a pivotal role in facilitating the process. The successful integration of Virtustream into the company's existing framework would make this acquisition highly advantageous. However, the challenge lies in the amalgamation of companies and cultures that typically accompanies any acquisition, and the intricate details need to be carefully managed.

2014. Pivotal brings its cloud services to Mobile

Pivotal, the enterprise cloud platform, is introducing new services specifically tailored for mobile development, which complement the company's previously announced data services. The newly launched CF Mobile Service encompasses push notifications, an API gateway, and data-sync services. This service also provides IT departments with the ability to establish distinct policies and service level agreements to ensure that data remains within the enterprise's control. Pivotal CF is built upon the Cloud Foundry PaaS, which is an open-source platform. As a result, Pivotal CF supports a wide array of open-source tools, including various databases such as MongoDB, Riak, Apache Cassandra, and the Neo4j graph database, reflecting its rich heritage.

2014. GE becomes Big Data provider

In the previous year, General Electric (GE) embarked on a significant investment of $105 million in the Big Data platform known as Pivotal. Currently, GE is actively implementing the powerful big data analytics capabilities provided by Pivotal, both internally and for customers who purchase its jet engines. To establish its analytics infrastructure, GE utilized Pivotal's Big Data Suite in conjunction with EMC's appliances, initially focusing on its aviation group. Within a span of 90 days, GE successfully established this capability and expanded its usage to 25 airline customers, granting them access to extensive data and analytics resources. Through the aggregation of data from approximately 15,000 flights, GE acquired 14 GB of information per flight, which could be efficiently analyzed within a reasonable timeframe. By employing traditional methods, processing the required data to identify a maintenance issue would have taken approximately 30 days. However, with the integration of Pivotal's technology, GE can now conduct substantial analytical operations in just 20 minutes.

2014. Pivotal adds new enterprise features to its PaaS platform

Pivotal, the provider of a Cloud Foundry-based PaaS platform, is enhancing its features to cater to the needs of large corporations aiming to develop and deploy their own applications across multiple clouds. As an illustration, Pivotal CF users now have the capability to deploy applications in dual availability zones across clouds, thereby increasing redundancy. Additionally, the dashboards have been revamped to display real-time application status. Pivotal CF is an integral part of Pivotal's broader strategy, which encompasses various technologies contributed by its parent companies, EMC and VMware. These technologies encompass EMC's Greenplum big data analytics, Pivotal Labs' agile development, Cetas analytics, VMware's vFabric, and Cloud Foundry.

Author: Michael Stromann
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