Pivotal Tracker vs Youtrack

Last updated: July 05, 2012

Pivotal Tracker
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Pivotal Tracker vs Youtrack in our news:

2012. YouTrack 4.0 gets agile project management module

JetBrains announced the new release of its issue tracker and Agile project management system YouTrack 4.0. A key new feature in YouTrack 4.0 is the addition of an independent Agile project management module that works with both Scrum and Kanban workflows. Additional new features in YouTrack 4.0 include Scrum and Kanban boards for organizing project activities and viewing progress, backlog management, where you can create Product and Release backlogs to manage features and tasks for different projects, releases or iterations, burndown and Cumulative flowcharts, multiple projects on one board, custom notification templates, custom reordering of any list of issues, subtasks support, which lets you create a subtask of any issue, SSL keys management, workflow compliance.