Video: Oracle Sales Cloud vs Salesforce

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Face to face in the news:

2014 - Salesforce unveiled Analytics Cloud to fight Oracle Sales Cloud unveiled its fifth cloud - Analytics Cloud, that is filling the business intelligence gap in Salesforce suite. It provides a graphical tool for viewing business analytics in an attractive and visual way on mobile devices and larger PC screens. You can slice and dice the data to create different views as you would expect and create a variety of connections between data, but it still uses standard database language like “join” and has database-style labels, and you still needed to build the connections to view the data. In other words, users would still need some training or knowledge to use it effectively. Analytics Cloud costs $125 /user/month.

2012 - John Wookey tells why Oracle and SAP can't catch up with Salesforce

The cloud race Oracle vs SAP goes on. Oracle has bought (for $300 million) one more SaaS-provider - Vitrue, which provides the social networks monitoring service. In the meantime, this show (Oracle vs SAP) now has an interesting commentator - John Wookey. This guy once worked as vice-president for Oracle and led the development of SaaS-package Fusion. But at that time Larry Ellison thought that "Cloud is just water vapour", so John didn't bring this development to the end and left Oracle to SAP. In SAP, he was in charge of building the SaaS ERP system Business ByDesign. At this time, John managed to launch the system to commercial phase, but this project also appeared to be unsuccessful. Now John Wookey works ... in Salesforce as a vice president for social applications and explains why (despite the record SaaS acquisitions) Oracle and SAP can't compete with Salesforce.

First of all, (according to Wookiee) Oracle and SAP have initially wrong goal. Their goal - is to catch up with Salesforce. This is wrong. The right goal - is to create applications that users actually like.

Second, both companies have an obsession - to provide a unified suite of applications on a single platform. However, their suites not only consist of apps purchased here and there, but also of on-premise and on-demand components. Combining them into single platform is only very difficult, but also wrong, says John. Now companies want quickly solve specific problems with specific services, rather than dive into overall automation projects, that can last for years without any result.

And third reason is because Oracle and SAP have a tradition to build applications around the goal to control business processes (whether it's CRM or HRM). In result, they are loved by executives, but end users do not want to use them. In contrasthe, the Salesforce's philosophy - is to create applications that will be useful for end users and help them to do the job, but not make them work for the app.

2011 - Ellison to Benioff: That's your Cloud is False Cloud

Salesforce vs Oracle

A year ago at Oracle's OpenWorld conference the Salesforce CEO, Mark Benioff, took the stage to criticize Oracle's cloud technologies. He said that clouds can't be sold in metalic boxes, and in fact - these are false cloud, and everyone should beware of them. And thought the Oracle's boss, Larry Ellison, joked back then, but the offense remained in his mind. This year, he decided to revenge. First, he unexpectedly canceled the scheduled and paid Benioff's session at the OpenWorld. Of course, this didn't scare Benioff - he immediately organized the alternative session in the restaurant across the street. And, of course, the main topic of his speech was Oracle's false cloud, and near the restaurant people were walking with banners "The Cloud Must Go On".

But it was only the first round. The next day, Larry Ellison introduced the Oracle Public Cloud - the cloud service that is a direct competitor to Salesforce. It provides PaaS platform and the suite of SaaS applications (including CRM and social network).

Larry Ellison False Cloud

Larry began his speech with: “Famous quote — I’m not sure where I’ve heard it – beware of false Clouds. That is such good advice. I couldn’t have put it better myself.” And then he told that unlike Salesforce's false cloud (which uses proprietary programming language APEX and database), in Oracle Public Cloud - everything is standard-based. Any Oracle-database can be moved to this cloud or back to in-house data-center, and any Java application will work in this cloud. And that unlike Salesforce's unsecure multitenant-model (where a single application serves many clients) in Oracle Public Cloud for each client a separate virtual machine with a separate database is created. And unlike the Salesforce's false cloud, Oracle Public Cloud can be really scaled to the changing load.

Regarding the SaaS applications - these are the legendary Fusion Applications, which had been under development already for six years. In particular, they include CRM system, HRM system and enterprise social network Oracle Public Cloud (which is very similar to Salesforce Chatter).

Oracle Social Network

However, the trick is that the new platform and applications have been shown only on the presentation slides, at the end of the conference (to avoid questions). And it's not clear when they will become available.

And of course you want to know how Marc Benioff reacted to all this. He wrote in his Twitter: "Thank you Larry. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

2005 - RightNow targets Siebel customers to take on Salesforce

RightNow Technologies is offering Siebel customers six months of its customer relationship management system for free, in an effort to profit from any uncertainty arising from Oracle's pending acquisition of Siebel. RightNow, a hosted applications company, said Wednesday that its offer will reduce the cost of a two-year Siebel contract by 25 percent. RightNow's move is part of its effort to grab a larger slice of the market for corporate customers. In August, the company debuted RightNow CRM 7.5, which aims to enhance marketing, sales and service. The company also offers a suite of voice automation software called RightNow Voice. For Oracle, the tactic is nothing new. Earlier this year, TomorrowNow launched a campaign to lure PeopleSoft support customers, after Oracle closed its acquisition of the enterprise software company. And rival SAP tried to woo Retek customers with a targeted campaign after losing out to Oracle in a bidding war for the retail software company.